Rosy prospects for the indoor swimming pool trumpeted

Rosy prospects for the indoor swimming pool trumpeted

"The joint efforts have led to an excellent result", the mayor stressed and read a letter from government president paul beinhofer. The city is informed that it will receive a top demand for the general renovation of the plant. "We have done our best", says mayor helmut blank about the negotiations with the free state and the government of lower franconia.

But the bad news followed at the same time. The municipal audit association of bavaria and the district office of bad kissingen had been extremely critical of the financing concept of the burgerbad association. The latter wants to operate the baths in the future. The conclusion in the city council meeting: if the club does not have 1300 paying members by october, nothing will come of the indoor swimming pool renovation. Without the required number of members, "I won't get involved", according to the mayor. Helmut blank spoke at the meeting of currently 330 paying members out of a total membership of 660. The city councillors cannot imagine how the association intends to increase the number of members in the next few weeks.

City councilors see risk

There was support for this stance from several city councillors. "The association does not have the starting capital", said arno schlembach (CSU). Bruno schafer (free choice) saw a high financial risk for the club and the city. Windheim's local spokesman klaus schebler (neue wege) assumes that the acceptance for the indoor swimming pool renovation in the population of the city districts is not very high. There were no councillors who spoke in favor of the redevelopment at the meeting.

During the meeting, it became clear that the specialist bodies involved, such as the auditing association and the district administration office, do not see the problem in the general renovation of the pool, but in its maintenance. In its letter, for example, the auditing association states that comparable bathers are located in large cities. The association is optimistic about the assumed number of members. The maintenance costs calculated by the club appear to the association to be underestimated.

All municipal bathrooms are in the red

The statement of the district office of bad kissingen is clearer. It is pointed out there that all municipal bathrooms in the county are in deficit. When calculating the income, the burgerbadverein had expected an income of around 230,000 euros.000 euros per year. The district administration has determined that the burgerbadverein will thus benefit from an increase in revenue of 123% compared to the municipal operation.000 euro runs out. This calculation is based on the assumption that the number of members will increase to 1320 members during ongoing operations. It is also pointed out that the association estimates significantly lower costs for cleaning, administration and personnel than were previously incurred in the city operation.

It was also pointed out that the burgerbadverein intends to operate the indoor swimming pool for only six years for the time being. However, in the case of a general renovation of the indoor swimming pool, the opening of the pool had to be guaranteed for 25 years, otherwise the subsidies had to be paid back, writes the district administration. There one does not assume that the burgerbadverein enters into a 25-year contractual obligation. "The city must be aware that there is a certain uninsurable residual risk here", according to a letter from the district office.

No more spending

A decision on the indoor swimming pool is to be made in september or october. In the meantime, mayor helmut blank has already instructed that no more costs may be incurred for the indoor swimming pool until that time. This means that currently no repairs or maintenance work will be carried out.