In obertrubach, everything stays above the belt

In obertrubach, everything stays above the belt

Vacations on the farm is the comedy in three acts, which the theater group of the parish "st is performing. Laurentius" performing in these days. What son wendelin (martin reichel) and his mother liesl (katharina brutting) expect as a lucrative new source of income, however, makes the farmer from kalblhof (matthias gruner) quite skeptical. Driving in his role as old servant and miner christian habermann. Like no other, he bridges the gap between the rustic countryman and the "city dwellers" to the point. He makes expressions that only a "truwier" can make knows.
The servant can not do much with the wishes of the north german guests. And when he was talking about the "educated hoard, man descended from apes, then they were apes. Chewing gum manufacturer otthold (manuel brutting), his wife vera (theresia dresel) and journalist paham jost (stefan hafner) have a hard time with the customs on the farm. You can see the "religious marchenland" and many other customs and usages do not understand.

The spectators keep coming
In between stands the maid kathl (petra zitzmann), who is not averse to compliments, but can also defend herself resolutely. That in the end everyone somehow finds each other and everything comes together is to be expected in a fun play.
The obertrubach theater series takes place for the 27th time. Times interrupted once a year instead of. And to the 27. For the first time, it is pastor werner wolf who directs the event. He has also brought the obertrubach theater into being himself. Wolf also chooses the pieces.
It is his concern to get away from the frivolous and the fashionable-contemporary, which often all too compulsively aims below the belt. Wolf seeks the hearty, perhaps also innocent spab. As the unchanged high audience response proves, his idea of a gentle theater evening is well received by the people of obertrubach and the surrounding area. "It's my first time here", said pastor michael gehret from pinzberg "and i'm glad that it's not ordinary here, but simply funny". "I got a ticket by chance", said gisela bauer.
"I think the theater is good, the servants just great", praised the mayoress of hiltpoltstein. Anna heid from wohlmannsgesees, on the other hand, has already played "at least fifteen times" been there when the actors from obertrubach take the stage. "It is already, funny and sociable, so it must be", she says. Christian habermann, too, can perhaps no longer imagine life without the theater. He has been with the obertrubach group since the very first day. And also this year the role of the servant is formally cut to his body.

Double load
Pastor wolf is also happy about young talents like katrin schmitt, who ventures onto the stage for the first time. "You must have a tribe, but I know I will find many open-minded people here", wolf is pleased. Without the often invisible helpers, however, even all the showmanship would be nothing. The prompter lisa neuner, the make-up artist hedwig karl, the technicians mirco and pascal reichel and also the stage designers erwin dressel and fritz-walter reichel contribute a lot to the success of the production. And that's not all the helpers yet.
Respect also deserves how well pastor wolf copes with the double burden of work. Because the holidays are especially busy for priests. This year, a pastoral hard case has become very close to his heart. Then it was a matter of taking the hurdle and being funny again. Perhaps one must say "should", because the changeover is not always easy for him either, admits wolf.

Date the scheduled eight performances are already completely sold out. An additional performance has therefore been scheduled for tuesday, 8. January, scheduled. Start is at 20 o'clock.

Tickets can be ordered from mirco reichel at tel. 09245-989042 can be ordered.

Money from the lottery goes largely to the expansion of the st. St. Mary's in obertrubach.