14-Year-old mergim alin became “reading king” at the kronach district competition

14-year-old mergim alin became 'reading king' at the kronach district competition

The level was extremely high. The english "r was rolled that it was a real joy, and even the darned "ti-aitsch" all the readers read fluently from their lips, or rather through their teeth. We’re talking about the exciting district english reading competition, which the eighth-grade winners of middle schools in the district faced on tuesday. The competition was held for the tenth time this year.
At the district competition in kronach, it was not only a question of correct pronunciation and intonation, but also of a flowing presentation. Whether the participants had pronounced and emphasized everything correctly was decided by a jury – consisting of teachers from the respective schools as well as deputy district administrator bernd steger. Although reading in front of an audience is no easy task, the bookworms showed little sign of excitement. In the first round, the five eighth graders and the one eighth grader read a text of their own choice. The eventual winner mergim alin chose "touring the everglades". The real challenge came in round two, when they had to read aloud a text selected by the organizer andrea karl-kremer – a specialist advisor at the gottfried-neukam middle school – in a lively, expressive and, if possible, error-free manner. This was the beginning of the english-reading "bat action time!" – an enchanting story about ben the bat and his best friends toby the pigeon and izzy the owl, who set off on a rude adventure. Only a few minutes were given to them to read the book. Nevertheless, all participants did their job very well. Congratulations!
To the "reading king mergim alin was deservedly chosen. It is no coincidence that the 14-year-old was able to communicate the text very clearly and confidently; after all, he is a native speaker (native speakers).

Off to the district competition!

The eighth-grader grew up in london and came to weibenbrunn with his albanian parents only a year and a half ago. English is then also the favorite subject of the lese-konig, who is now on 3. The contest was held for the tenth time this year, and the winners will represent the district at the county level in may in bayreuth. All participants (gottfried-neukam-MS kronach: leonard muller (m8a) and abdallateef al haj saleh (8c), MS pressig: gloria gotz (8a), MS kups: benjamin fischer (8b) and mergim alin (8a), MS windheim: dimitrios antonin) were rewarded with book gifts and a certificate that will surely look good on a job application. The district winner was also presented with a gift from the district, which was handed over by steger. "With english you can get around the world", he urged them to learn the world language comprehensively. He as well as karl-kramer and the new head of the school authority in kronach, gisela rohde, were very pleased with the excellent performance of the team. "This is my first official act in my new function and also for me an exciting thing", rohde, who has only been a visitor to the castle since the 15th century, said he had never seen anything like it. Marz is active at the kronach school board.