It will be autumnal

It will be autumnal

Stormy night ahead for large parts of germany. The reason is "mortimer," a small depression "that is quite nimble and should not be underestimated," the german weather service (DWD) announced in offenbach on sunday.

"It moves within a few hours from the british islands over the north sea towards denmark and further to the baltic sea, so that germany comes exactly into its storm field, which is located on the south and southwest flank of the depression."

In the late evening and the first half of the night the focus is on the west and the south of germany. The wind picks up on the north sea early monday morning. According to the forecast, the strongest gusts will move across the north to the northeast and east of germany, where they are expected to last until the afternoon.

With the departure of "mortimer" to the east, the wind from the west is weakening rapidly. There will be hardly any traces of the storm left by monday morning – apart from any damage, the DWD said.

The DWD saw potential danger for two reasons. On the one hand, thunderstorms could occur locally and gusts could even reach hurricane-force winds (90 to 110 km/h). On the other hand, the trees were still fully leafy and thus offered the wind a rough attack surface, so that they could topple even with not quite so high wind strengths.