Thomas fink plays for the herzogenaurach food bank

Thomas fink has raised more than 60,000 euros in the past 16 table concerts of the rotary club. The 17. Edition stands on monday, 14. January, at 7 p.M. In the evangelical church on. "I am happy when a lot of money is brought in", says the legendary niederndorf jazz pianist in the run-up to the concert. The proceeds will go to the herzogenaurach distribution center of the erlangen food bank.

Since the beginning, the rotarians of herzogenaurach have supported the boards. The current president of the herzogenaurach rotary club, alfred sammetinger, used to drive for the collection tours himself. From the very beginning, there has always been a close connection between the club and the herzogenauracher tafel, sammetinger explains in a press interview.

It all started as jazz concerts with his students, fink recalls. When the concerts were moved to the cafe of the mobelhaus fischer because of the large crowds, the tradition of the tafelkonzerte was born. In the beginning, fink's schoolchildren took over part of the concert. For some years he has been playing alone with changing guest musicians.

Guest star norbert nagel

On monday norbert nagel will be the star guest on the saxophone. Norbert meyer-venus on bass and werner treiber on drums will accompany the band. The concert promises again jazz of the finest. Loyal fans from herzogenaurach have appreciated this for years and look forward to top-class musical enjoyment.

Music has been an essential part of fink's life since his earliest childhood. Fink tells about his beginnings as a traveling musician in the 50s and 60s. He has played mainly in american clubs. Later he was house pianist at the bayerischer rundfunk and founded the thomas-fink-trio. It's hard to imagine the jazz scene without him. Fink remembers that a colleague from the bamberger philharmoniker once said: "thomas doesn't just make music, he lives music."

And so it is: "I simply live music", he affirms. Anyone who talks to thomas fink immediately notices his passion and enthusiasm for music. Also about the technical details of a flugel or piano female fink impressive detail to erzahlen. He is still alive today, says the man from niederndorf, and adds: "there are still so many possibilities in music, even after so many years." fink was awarded the cultural prize of both the city of herzogenaurach and the district of herzogenaurach.

Preparations for the table concert have been underway since august. Alfred sammetinger reveals: "thomas fink is of course our mastermind here." fink selects the musicians and wins them for the concerts. He is supported by his son gerald fink. The organ of the protestant church is specially prepared for the concert by a technician for thomas fink.

A call for tolerance

What the pianist has in mind for the 17th century?. Table concert wishes? "That we meet people's taste, that they go home happy and like to come back again", answers fink. And of course, as large an amount as possible should be given to the herzogenauracher tafel. In conclusion, he adds a more general wish. People had such different tastes in music, and yet you allow others their own taste. It would be good if people could have different opinions about each other, just as they have different musical preferences. Sammetinger and fink agree that this is especially important today.