Man beats up his two-year-old son

Man beats up his two-year-old son

The worker had already been sentenced to two years without parole by the district court in kulmbach in the summer of last year and had appealed against this sentence.

According to the first verdict, the man had beaten the small child twice within a few weeks in early 2011 so severely with a wooden cake tool that it suffered gross skin hemorrhages on the gesab and other, long-lasting injuries.

Cause for the heavy zuchtigungen was it among other things that the child did not want to eat or had bitten the man allegedly in the leg.

Contact only once a month

in the meantime the man is divorced, mother and child live in another city, only once a month the accused still has contact with his son.

Because defense lawyer nikolai obebralski from essen the legal wurdigung of the first sentence as "totally missed" and questioned considerable physical and psychological consequences for the child, the presiding judge werner kahler announced right at the beginning of the appeal hearing an extensive taking of evidence lasting several days. For the accused it will be a question of everything or nothing, because the files speak a clear language, according to the judge.

Completely overwhelmed

from the defendant’s statements about the crime it was clear that he was obviously completely overwhelmed with the toddler. The boy had scratched, bitten, spat, hit and threw food around, so he just could not cope anymore. He had never intended to really hurt the child, but only to threaten and frighten him.

This statement was met with complete incomprehension by the court, because in the expert opinion of the district court physician, there was more or less talk of a true orgy of beatings and a large number of blows.

He simply wasn’t in control of his senses, the accused apologizes once again. His problems were his unemployment, the many unsuccessful applications, lack of money and the fear that his wife would leave him, which has happened in the meantime. "I was afraid of the future and depressed", the defendant said he had automatically struck without thinking about it.

The trial continues.