Neighing attraction

neighing attraction

Not quite everyday offspring were recently born in hochheim. The "baby elli is a pet and resembles a stuffed animal. It is a foal of the breed "mini-shetlands". Proud owner is susanne harter.

She had bought the 12-year-old mare named tinta in saxony-anhalt in march. Tinta was in foal and was supposed to give birth to a foal at the end of june. But tinta loves the birth four weeks longer than planned. The usual 340 days of gestation turned into a good year.
Nevertheless, the birth went without complications and without veterinary assistance. Mother and child are well and currently the attraction in town. Even the local kindergarten has already paid them a visit.
Surely also because of the unusual mabe the mare and the foal are an eye-catcher. Mother tinta has a stockmab of 83 centimeters. The 50 centimeter foal elli looks a bit lost next to it. The little one already has its own stubborn head and curiously explores its environment. Now and then it gets a bit dirty. Then elli drops into the grass, stretches out all four legs and sleeps uninhibitedly, even for a round in broad daylight.
Owner susanne harter is delighted that the wait for her offspring has finally come to an end and that mother and child are doing well.