Citizens’ initiative has city council resolution reviewed

Arkadius guzy the resistance to the planned burgerhaus has not yet ended. Elfriede dickert and ronald holl have sent a letter to the district office of bad kissingen this week. In it, they ask for a legal review of the city council’s resolution of 18 december 2009. February.

At that meeting, the city council had decided to make changes to the burgerhaus. These slightly modify the architecture of the building and are expected to make the construction of an estimated 200 000 euros more favorable. With this rezoning, the city wants to meet the demands from the referendum. However, the citizens’ initiative apparently does not go far enough for it to consider the changes as a fulfillment of the citizens’ referendum. In the justification of the letter, the representatives of the citizens’ initiative are therefore of the opinion that the current change of plans should have happened only one year after the citizens’ decision. They refer to a passage in the bavarian municipal code on the binding effect of a referendum and want the city council’s decision to be tested against it by the legal supervisory authority.

The representatives of the citizens’ initiative also complain that the citizens are "once again deprived of an insight into the plans for the construction of a citizens’ house before a decision is made by the city council" had been made. "Several offers to cooperate were not taken up", according to the letter.