Csu sees “chaotic situation

Csu sees 'chaotic situation

Bernhard panzer it was the beginning of march, before the municipal elections and also at a time when meetings could take place without hindrance. A little later, the corona crisis had wiped that out. For the next meeting of the building committee, the CSU faction of the herzogenaurach city council had come up with a special proposal. She was concerned about possible traffic regulations at the shopping center at the klingenwiesen.

Searching for solutions

The administration should therefore be instructed to work with the owner and operator to find better traffic regulations for the entrance and exit of the specialist retail center on erlanger strabe and, if necessary, to implement these regulations. As a result, the construction committee should be informed again. In the motion, bernhard schwab (at that time still chairman of the parliamentary group) and konrad korner explained that the “traffic situation at the shopping center, which has been very chaotic since the beginning”, had become worse has not calmed down. In particular, the two side-by-side entrances and exits – some with a median strip, some without – were causing problems, especially within the parking area.

At the same time, according to the CSU, “the distance to be bridged from the street to the road is relatively large, so that potentially dangerous situations can arise in addition to the coordination difficulties between drivers. This is mainly due to the paths for pedestrians and cyclists.

One-way street regulation?

Therefore, the administration, owners and operators should work out ways to create solutions. This could be, for example, a partial one-way street regulation or also entry and exit regulations. The request asks for solutions on how to control the situation there within the parking lot in order to allow traffic to enter and exit more fluently.

Whether the application will be maintained or renewed will be seen in the new session of the city council.