The rodachtal school was her home

The rodachtal school was her home

"40 years ago, I had to introduce myself to the burgermeisters, now the burgermeister even comes to see me," says, irmgard bauerfeind says with a laugh during her farewell speech. She likes to think back to the long years at the elementary school and the former main school rodachtal. First in zeyern and then in the new school building in marktrodach.

"I received the letter from the government on 6. August 1973 again found, although already somewhat yellowed, but clearly to read is that I must in the rodachtal and I have not regretted that until today", says the retiring teacher thoughtfully. And her private happiness also affected her fellow teachers, so that after her marriage to reinhard bauerfeind she never considered a transfer. "For me, for all of us, a dream came true when we moved into the new school building. Working with the three cs – church, community, kindergarten – has always been very enjoyable for me. But what I will miss most now is 'my children', their ignorance, open-mindedness and their joy", irmgard bauerfeind gets a little sentimental. But the look goes back in gratitude, even if the farewell hurts her a bit.

There are many students who are happy to finally be released from school after nine, ten or twelve years. Irmgard bauerfeind has spent 40 years at the school, not counting her active school years, which were another 13 years plus her studies. She was and is a strong pillar of the school in marktrodach.

8000 school days

Since she started at the school in zeyern in september 1973, at that time still unmarried and as "mrs. Burgis", a lot of time has passed. Principal annegret hummrich loved to review this time in her farewell speech. "You have been with us for 40 years. That's about 1600 school weeks and about 8000 school days, some of which must have been very strenuous, stressed annegret hummrich. Irmgard bauerfeind not only taught her students to read and write, but also to love nature and to marvel at god's creation.

Very much changed

A lot has changed in the school sector in the past 40 years. Irmgard bauerfeind always found the time to keep up with the latest developments through continuing education and to bring these new insights into the classroom. "We often found you here after you had finished your work, meticulously preparing for the next day's lessons. You are a teacher with body and soul and that for each and every one of your students", emphasized principal hummrich. Irmgard bauerfeind also invested a lot of time in the intensive discussions with parents and in the positions she still held in the school. She was the cooperation officer for the two kindergartens and the environmental officer. Under her leadership, the rodachtal elementary school has now been named an "environmental school in europe" for the second time.

The school's most important teacher

But now the term "time" is being used for the outgoing teacher, taking on a completely different meaning. Two years ago, her husband, reinhard, said goodbye to her at the primary and secondary school in oberes rodachtal. He, too, had been at the school for 40 years and now the two of them can enjoy their retirement together, they now have the time to pursue their hobbies or to go on spontaneous vacations without having to pay attention to vacation dates.

The deputy chairman of the staff council, jens schmidt, thanked irmgard bauerfeind for the many happy hours she gave to the children and the teachers. Mayor norbert grabner (SPD) also said goodbye to "his teacher". "A cornerstone of our school is leaving us and she can certainly tell us a lot about her 'school days'", said grabner.

On behalf of the parents' council, sandra peetz and carmen schnell thanked irmgard bauerfeind for always being there for the children and parents, not only during lessons, but also beyond. With a poem, in which each member of the second class contributed a line, the girls and boys also confirmed this.

This festive farewell was framed and accompanied by the students of the 2nd grade. Class "her class, as irmgard bauerfeind proudly says, who sang with flute accompaniment, the classes 3a and b, who had created their own lyrics for their song.