Candidate portrait: why claudia john wants to become bamberger oberburg mayor

candidate portrait: why claudia john wants to become bamberger oberburg mayor

When claudia john stands in her living room and stretches out her arms, she can grasp bamberger history with her hands. The renovated but still worm-eaten wooden beams date back to the original time of the small house not far from the muhlworth. A 3.20 meter wide and four story high piece of bamberger architectural history. Since 1460, all owners have been known to be luckless. A tower master was among them, a shoemaker, and since the summer before last, the freshly renovated house has belonged to the couple randy and claudia john. The latter is a sideline OB candidate.

Claudia john, 30 years old, grew up in bamberg and pettstadt, knows the inner workings of maxplatz town hall only from hearsay so far. Nevertheless, her name will have to be remembered. That’s not so much because she’s running for mayor. John is also a list leader of the free voters, and as such she reckons she has a good chance of becoming a member of the bamberg city council.

Who is this young lady who has the confidence to lead a department with about 1000 employees and to lead a city with almost 80,000 people into the future?? What drives her, what kind of life does she lead when she is not hanging up posters, handing out flyers and, as is often the case these days, explaining the goals of her own party at information booths? ?

"I don’t have a celebrity factor, I’m just a normal woman from the middle of the population. That’s why I can realistically assess most people’s worries and needs, says john about john. A woman who, like many, lives in bamberg and works out of town. Every day she leaves home at ten past six to be at her school in herzogenaurach at seven o’clock on the dot. A responsible job that is not so far removed from politics, she thinks: she teaches a first and a second class, has a lot of contact with parents and is used to "speaking in front of people" and shaping life.

She was really taken by this desire to participate five years ago, when the extreme right around the afd became a political factor. At that time, she thought it was time to do something herself, to exert an influence instead of just nagging. John wants to help shape bamberg, her hometown and center of life: "i have no personal benefit from it. It is a matter of my heart."

But love of one’s homeland does not mean blind local patriotism. Without mincing her words, the 30-year-old denounces the lack of affordable housing that prompted her parents to build in pettstadt 30 years ago. John feels at home with the free voters not only because the "original frenchwoman" is a "good person", but also because she is a "good person" has found a home here for her sense of tradition. It also stands for a pragmatic approach to problems such as traffic. The idea of banning cars from the city center is unrealistic, says the woman who has to conquer her residents’ parking space anew every day when she drives her "mini" coming home.

"An insane number of hurdles

She has been a teacher for six years now. It certainly does not lack the courage to take action. Claudia john will probably not be seen to throw in the towel either. This can be seen in her daring to renovate a run-down house in the old town and equip it with all the comforts of modernity: "there were a lot of hurdles to overcome, she says today, referring not only to the craftsmanship of her work. The approval process with the city was also lengthy: "who knows if we bought the house when we knew what was coming?." But the effort was worth it. Half a year after moving in, everything seems to be working, including smarthome