Elsa and his tsv had amberg’s devotion

Elsa and his tsv had amberg's devotion

Dieter amberg celebrates on monday, 4. Marz, his 80. Birthday. The ottowinder, who was born in ottowinder, was and still is very committed to the common good and sees honorary office as a "vocation". Especially in his home town of elsa. 1961 he took over the office of the treasurer in the gymnastics and sports club. In 1967 he joined the fire department, where he was active for 25 years, twelve of them as a machinist. Amberg was a member of the elsa town council from 1972 until the town was incorporated into rodach in 1978. As a member of the bad rodach SPD local association, dieter amberg became a member of the bad rodach town council in 2002, with an interruption of about two years until 2014. His commitment was above all to the district of elsa.

Against dissolution

In his younger years, amberg took an interest in sports in his hometown. So at the end of the 60’s the almost 100 year old "gymnastics and sports club elsa" was to become a family to be dissolved. He and a dozen or so loyal sports comrades would not and could not allow that to happen. In the village there were discussions without end. Finally, old burgermeister hugo scheler with a forceful speech advocated that it should be continued. In new elections, dieter amberg stood as a candidate for chairman. 1968 he was elected to this office. The joining of the TSV elsa to the former "gymnastics group rodach" provided additional momentum. Eventually the 100. Jubilee 1972 celebrated as a group gymnastics festival for two days in the form of athletic competitions with over 300 athletes. The then following auartstrend steered dieter amberg with the then board members, supporters and weggefahrten. That in 1997 the 125. Anniversary on club-owned sports facility with 256 TSV-members and numerous guests could be celebrated, this had not believed 30 years before even amberg. In 1998 he was appointed honorary chairman of his club TSV elsa.

In elsa, he met the ladies’ tailor traude dressel, who later became his wife. 1960 was married. With daughter sybille and son joachim, the young family was complete at the end of 1962. Dieter amberg has four adult grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Professionally, he experienced his best years at the wurth company, where he started in 1978, says the jubilarian. As a retiree, dieter amberg is now cultivating a hobby that has been neglected for decades. With bread and a fishing rod, he enjoys his free time somewhere on a body of water. And still makes himself useful as a fishing supervisor in the "rodachtal" fishing club