The medieval market sinks in the mud

The medieval market sinks in the mud

Literally suffocated in the mud and flooded is the rough medieval market on castle rabenstein. It all looked pretty bleak on sunday. In the afternoon at 2 o'clock the first traders were already packing up and dismantling their stands. Without rubber boots, there was no chance of wading through the mud after days of rainfall.

A mother from the district of furstenfeldbruck, who had her three children with her and was fighting her way through the mud, said that enough was enough now. On sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock she left for home. She was there for the first time and had never experienced anything like it before.

The medieval groups already dismantled their tents, most of the traders and craftsmen had packed up already. The free viking jens perleberg still waited almost ironically in front of his carving stand. "That was it", said the man from mollenhagen, which is located at the top of germany in the county mecklenburgische seenplatte. He had come to the maple valley with his woodcarvings.

It was never that bad
"We have experienced everything, even a snowball fight, but it has never been this bad with the mud and the weather", said one of the gymnasts, who still takes care of an orderly withdrawal of the groups and handlers. He watched at the gate so that no one would drive his vehicle into the land. Everything, even the tents, had to be carried out by hand.

The bad weather caused a minus record in the number of visitors. A last knight, who could still be found with his castle maiden on sunday afternoon in front of an open stand with medieval ornaments, said that he had never experienced anything like this at rabenstein castle either.

The best day of the four-day market was the opening day on fronleichnam. But even then cars got stuck in the soggy meadow, which served as a parking lot for visitors. On sunday, hardly any visitors came, because they had sunk into the mud.

The next rough medieval market at rabenstein castle will take place in august. Hopefully the meadowland will have regenerated by then.