Show spectacle on slippery ice in hochstadt

A delicate female fairy floats in the bright sunshine over the meadows of shire. Or: lisa noack dances at the 30. Ice gala of the ESC their version of "lord of the rings. She swings easily through the ice stadium, turns pirouettes and dares to make bold jumps.
She is one of the many young figure skaters – among the older active members of the club only four are male – who show their skills in the crosshairs of two spotlights in front of almost 1000 spectators on saturday evening. Lisa noack, like her sister kristin, is an experienced dancer, who in turn trains children and the youth groups.
Lisa escorted the visitors of the gala back into spring, after the warm temperatures at noon they had to dress again for proper cold ones.
Nevertheless, one spurts the cold at best at the own fuben. In contrast, one believes that the young figure skaters glide over a glittering dance floor, whether they as a group perform a groovy rock'n'roll on the "parquet" or how kristina dorotic and sabrina toifl make a name for themselves as wicked salon ladies. Or move the starlight express from roller skates to skids.

The roses flew

The visitors thank them with roses. They flew to anja pessler over the ice, others were modestly handed them over behind the gang. A lovely thank you for so many successful performances.
It was not about winning or losing, but about admiring the individual performances. They combined – as in hardly any other sport – athletic ability with the art of dance performance and stage show. Especially for the formations.
Two key words here: choreography and outfit. Simply imaginative: the waving nun's veils in sister act, the cute giant lollipops, the saucy twirling umbrellas or the mouse ears of the very youngest dancers.
Three years old are the youngest figure skaters of the ESC, knew host sandra arabi. Since 1986 there is this choreography to the old schlager "die subesten fruchte". It doesn't detract from the enthusiasm if the trainers prefer to take such a small ice tumble in their arms after the fall.