The middle ages returns to the monastery maria bildhausen

The Middle Ages returns to the monastery maria bildhausen

"It has never been this rough", says the deputy general manager of maria bildhausen, michael nowotny. Chief organizer rainer ludwig, group leader in the workshops for people with care needs, has gone one better for the fifth edition. Much of what has thrilled the thousands of visitors in recent years will be there again. And there will also be a lot of new things to discover. 50 camp groups from different eras with about 450 participants are scattered all over the extensive monastery grounds.

In 2013, for the first time, those responsible in maria bildhausen decided to resurrect the middle ages in the old walls. To make sure it sticks in people’s minds, the second edition followed in 2014. "At that time we postponed it for a week", says michael nowotny. The organizers did not want to collide with the botenlauben festival in bad kissingen-reiterwiesen. This takes place every two years on even years. In 2015 there was the third forum cistercium. Since then, the rule has been that the spectacle is always held in alternation with the botenlauben festival, i.E. On odd-numbered years, always on the weekend after the start of school. After 2017, the fifth edition is now starting and this small jubilee is to be celebrated in a special way.

A medieval market is a natural part of such a festival. The will be open on saturday from 14 to 22 o’clock and on sunday from 11 to 18 o’clock. In addition there are different handicraft presentations. In addition to a stonemason, ceramist, carpenter, board weaver will be new this time a bone carver and a glass bead winder. Vendors from various fields offer medieval jewelry, wooden goods, furs, fabrics and much more.

To give visitors a comprehensive insight into life in the middle ages, the organizers have invited the thulbaer bauernhaufen (peasants). The performers will have to pay the "tithing" on saturday from 16 o’clock and on sunday from 14.30 o’clock as well as the "klostersturm on saturday from 18.30 p.M. And on sunday from 4 p.M. Onwards. During the tooth drop, the spectators get a deep insight into the life of the farmers and the lord of the manor at that time. In up to twelve realistic scenes, the peasants try to deceive their magistrate in order to lower the interest rate.

The castle or monastery storm is another high point of the rallies of the thulba peasantry, or rather the thulba peasantry. After the levies for the farmers became unbearable, there is finally an uprising. As in 1524 and 1525, the peasants gathered at the monastery and stormed it. A gate brought along is destroyed in the process. Protectors, battering rams, wooden ladders, torches and original weapons, which the farmers carried at that time, will be used.

The group meli melo from nurnberg will again offer jugglery on both days. The members are holding a meeting on saturday at 21.30 o’clock a fire show. Before, from 9 pm, the actors and members of the camp groups will march across the country in a rude torchlight procession.

Of course, the children were also thought of again. The puppet show "kistler and his wife" from regensburg is there. This time they also bring their woodworm circus with them. Marchenerzahler petra moslein will entertain the kids at the beehive, but will also perform a frivolous marchen for adults on saturday night.

Medieval music is not to be missed at forum cistercium. "Shadow tail" and "gugelhupf entertain the audience on the main stage and the handler stage. "Peter the bard" meanwhile plays scottish and irish music in the historic brewery of the monastery.

A medieval feast should also include the right tastings. "Met amensis" will be there with mead and non-alcoholic drinks, in "heiko’s feast house" there is lye food with mushrooms, turkey meat and mushroom soup, the "potato house" is present, also the butchery glasauer and the leaseholder of the coffee roastery in the monastery, rainer buhner will prepare a coffee drink on the open fire. And that is by no means all.

Because the program is very extensive and the land quite rough, the responsible persons have invited again a herald. "Carolan the tinderbox" will show the visitors the right way. Detailed information about the individual program points can be found here.