Young, athletic, firm in his faith

Young, athletic, firm in his faith

The 1200 or so protestants in grafenberg can rejoice because they are getting a young and dynamic priest in the form of the 31-year-old nurnberg-born associate pastor johannes meisinger. This sunday at 14.30 a.M. Dean christine schurmann inaugurates him in his new church office in the church of trinity.
"Glorious sunshine, plus a wonderful view of french switzerland", this is how the father of a young daughter sums up his first impressions of grafenberg. Born and raised in nurnberg, meisinger completed an exchange year in the u.S. While attending the wilhelm lohe school there. This led him to the 14. Parliamentary sponsorship program (PPP) for twelve months to mount shasta high school in california, where he lived with a family. Its members are members of the free evangelical church.

16 months of parental leave

During this time, and encouraged by long conversations with his host father and close contacts with the american youth, johannes meisinger came to the realization that he wanted to build an ever closer relationship with god and to bring the message of god and jesus a little closer to other people.
Johannes meisinger, you don't have to shy away from these rough words, felt called to become a pastor. After graduating from high school and doing his civilian service in the protestant church community of st. Georg in nurnberg-kraftshof he started to study theology in erlangen and later in tubingen. At the beginning of 2008, he successfully passed the theological entrance examination. During his guest vicariate in the wurttemberg church community of kusterdingen, his ines was able to complete her specialist training as an internist.
As a result, meisinger, a young father and churchman, took a 16-month parental leave. During this time, he devoted himself entirely to raising his daughter lena. Today lena is two years old.

Sports hobbies

In his free time, the 31-year-old loves to play basketball. He is also a passionate snowboarder. Johannes meisinger also enjoys making music with his wife: she on the piano, he on the trumpet.
His parental leave was followed by a period of employment as a pastor in oberferrieden, before he finally received the call to grafenberg in upper franconia. There, meisinger succeeds pastor jochen muller, who moved to kunreuth last june after more than five years as pastor.
After the thoroughly positive experiences in "schwabenlandle and the lovely people there, johannes meisinger and his wife are now looking forward to getting to know grafenberg, which is known for its open-mindedness and cordiality. "I want to get acquainted with the parishioners and, above all, to exercise my ministry in the spirit of ecumenism", says meisinger.