The kch will be back in the clubhouse in 2015 after all?

The KCH will be back in the clubhouse in 2015 after all?

Two weeks ago, the carnival club of herzogenaurach (KCH) made a lot of noise about the city's clubhouse. Right at the end of the session, the jesters announced that they would no longer be holding any events in the town's event hall. Above all the landlord stood there in the criticism. Now mayor german hacker (SPD) has brought the two opponents to the table. With the preliminary result: a return of the KCH to the clubhouse from 2015 is apparently possible.

In 2014, however, "we will definitely not be going to the clubhouse", said KCH chairman gerd engert yesterday at the request of the FT. The association is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Jubilee and tries to find a different setting for the carnival sessions. It should be a coarser hall in the coming year, informs the city administration in a press release. This was sent by mayor german hacker after the meeting, which was also attended by gerd engert for the KCH and club house tenant serkan bektas. Both opponents signed, the voting discussion was moderated by german hacker.

Ready to negotiate
After the jubilant year however could the "uraha helau" then already again in the clubhouse resound. Wordly the press release says: "for the following years one is ready to go after clear preliminary discussion into the club house". Which means for the KCH concretely: "if the specifications are kept, then we can talk about it", says engert. One of the most important requirements for him is cleanliness, both in the toilets and in the hall. This is what was discussed and agreed upon. "We will control this", engert explains further and announces a tour of the building before the carnival sessions. To further details he did not want to refer position. It was agreed not to make any further noise.

New building not before five years
For mayor german hacker it was important "to bring the two sides together", as he said on inquiry of the FT. He has acted as a moderator to a certain extent and was satisfied. "We have achieved a good result". At least it was agreed that the association would probably want to use the clubhouse again.
What will happen in general with the municipal event building, one could not say yet. Whether renovation or new construction, this question will only be asked in a few years time. Hacker himself favors the demolition of the building and the construction of a new cultural hall or a city hall on the same site. This "ideal conception but there is no way that it could have been tackled five years ago. Because the redesign of the neighboring hubmann parking lot has to be completed first. The city center could not cope with two major construction sites in the immediate vicinity at the same time.

However, this was not a topic of discussion at the town hall. It was a question of "clearing up the discrepancies in the aftermath of this year's carnival", as he said when asked by the FT. This was also successful, says hacker. The wording of the press release also refers to this: "during the one-hour, good and cooperative discussion, various topics were addressed, such as, for example, the cleanliness of the clubhouse and the reliability of the available sound equipment on the one hand, and the behavior of individual members of the club on the other. Both partners in the discussion showed understanding for the other side's position".

Burgermeister hacker was glad "that both sides have approached each other well and could compromise". And further: "both sides have moved, that is very good", he said. The city, together with the lessee, will examine the subject of sound technology in more detail, so that a safe supply is guaranteed.

Whether the children's and senior citizens' carnival will take place in the clubhouse in the jubilee year 2014 is something gerd engert would like to leave open as a further result of the discussion. The association wants to plan the next phase of the session first.

Litter and alcohol
In the common explanation it is, concerning the KCH, further: "logistic difficulties like the arising waste by the make-up material of the numerous small and rough artists and the serving of private alcohol one wants to clear with the members and improve". On the other hand, serkan maktav made it clear "that the issue of cleanliness, especially of the toilets, will definitely no longer be a problem in the future. For this purpose – depending on the event – additional cleaning will be arranged or, for example, a toilet lady will be provided for the evening.

According to the press release from the city hall, the topic of the prices of the offered food was not an issue for both sides. On the one hand, the food offered should be of good quality and on the other hand, it should be inexpensive and offered with good staff service. The latter simply has a minimum price, serkan maktav stated. He tries to keep the prices as moderate as possible.

On thursday topic in the city council
In this context, the city council meeting on thursday evening (from 6 p.M.) could be exciting. In a motion, the SPD city councillor gotthard lohmaier also mentions the clubhouse. The wording of his proposal: "how does the city of herzogenaurach, which owns the clubhouse, deal with the complaints of various clubs regarding the situation at events in this location?? The KCH is not the first club that complains about individual aspects, for example, about grievances on site or about the financial conditions".

Mayor german hacker wants to take a stand on the motion that will be discussed in the public part of the meeting.