Summer hits instead of school lessons

summer hits instead of school lessons

The summer concert of the dr.-ernst-schmitt-realschule ebern not only almost blew up the auditorium of the middle school because of the number of listeners – the performances also caught the attention of the audience
"summer hits" and inspired the 500 or so listeners. A musical journey through four continents and eight countries comprised the repertoire of the various choruses of the secondary school, which filled the auditorium with vocals, instrumental music with drum rolls, and dance.

Realschulkonrektor florian schraud had not promised too much when, after the song "ring of fire", he said that the band would be the first to perform, intoned by the school orchestra under the direction of bernd schmidt, announced to experience an international musical evening. "Enjoy the summer concert of our secondary school in a relaxed atmosphere", he said.

An international journey

Sabine heinrich, who led through the program with school teacher lucia ziegmann, pointed out that the musical journey through spain, england, france, sweden, germany, italy, and canada had. There will also be singing in german, english, french and italian. Among other things, the first part was the french song "andalouse" led by heidi hauguth to horen, whose lyrics were about dancing to guitar voices and a young lady whose black hair and red lips were fascinating.

The choir class of tanja lorenz shone with "spirits tip toe" and drum roll and "wannsee" by the toten hosen, which is about a girl in the capital who doesn't let you think straight anymore and with whom you would have loved to dive into wannsee. Hot rhythms were played by the zumba dancers. "Normally there are also boys here, but they are stage shy", said the presenter ziegmann and had the laughs on her side.

The teaching staff also scores points

Before the break the school band performed "grenade" and "good grief, sung by alina meyer, and "nobody like you" with leon busch as sanger on. This was certainly a farewell to the band, which will probably not be found in this line-up again, said moderator heinrich, who especially emphasized the performance of daniel palacios-rausch, who kept integrating new musicians into the band.

After the break it continued with the school band and "dance on my own", a song that is about an unhappy relationship. The orchestra and the middle school choir performed a medley of the group abba with "dancing queen. Eagerly awaited, probably mostly by the students themselves, the teachers' choir then followed with the song "the best from dirty dancing", with which the teachers scored points with the students and the listeners.

Farewell to the teacher

"No roots" was heard from the middle school choir, what u.A. About dancing in the grass to the favorite song barfub. A "thank you to bert kampfert" came from the orchestra to gehor. This song is about joy and pain, about confusion and with the songs "woves fix you", played by the school band and "thank you for the music", a song of the swedish group abba, the good two-hour concert came to an end.

There was some melancholy when the pupils of class 6c said goodbye to their teacher tanja lorenz. The summer concert of the dr.-ernst-schmitt-realschule ebern received a positive response throughout, for which florian schraud expressed his thanks, and principal hartmut weis was able to lean back and enjoy the concert of "his school" with the numerous visitors to listen.