Subes craft from the rhon

Subes craft from the rhon

Visitors are greeted at the entrance by the smell of freshly brewed coffee and escorted into the chocolate factory. The sales room smells subtly of the cocoa beans stored in dozens of wooden drawers. Vanilla and nutty aromas from a variety of chocolates and cakes caress the nose and arouse desire. "Chocolate is simply a wonderful material", says klaus-peter borst, master confectioner and manager of the manufactory.

Borst and his team of eight have been producing in an old clothing factory in sandberg since 2008. In the past, the master confectioner ran chocolate shops and cafes. He was the leaseholder of the kurgarten cafe for a while and ran the cafe palais erthal from 1997 to 2012, both in bad kissingen. "Now we earn our money mainly with niche products."

Borst and his team supply chocolates to delicatessens nationwide, individual cakes from sandberg can be found on cruise ships, and desserts and cakes are offered in hotels and guesthouses. Between 4000 and 4500 cakes and pies are shipped out by the chocolate manufactory per month.

The manufactory is a family business. Mrs. Maria helps to entertain groups of visitors, and her son nicolas takes care of customer acquisition and sales. "Our business is going well. We get more and more hotels as customers." This is mainly due to the fact that there are hardly any confectioners still employed there. Desserts and cakes are bought in. "We offer fresh, ready-made cakes at a lower price than in supermarkets", says borst.
Because the company is so successful, they want to keep the site in sandberg in the long term, equip them with a coarse cafe pigeon area as well as an event hall. Furthermore, according to nicolas borst, a store or cafe is to be opened in bad kissingen in the next few years.

"Not all chocolate is the same." Klaus-peter borst uses 24 cocoa varieties for his products. The climate and soil in the countries of origin influence the taste of the cocoa beans. African varieties are often very mild, asian ones taste fruitier, and south american ones have a rather tart, strong aroma.

The delicious brown product is made by hand in a wide variety of ways. The quality should be right. "Our chocolate is one hundred percent pure. There are no artificial additives inside", stresses the confectioner.

He sources the cocoa beans from plantations around the world. The "conching, so the processing of the beans is done by a small company in france. Whether he could exclude the possibility that children work on the cocoa plantations from which he obtains his products? Klaus-peter borst shakes his head. "Much of what is grown on the plantations is not. For me here is difficult to understand. But I have confidence in the people who run the company." At least he is sure about the plantations run by his french partners. There are no child traffickers involved. This chocolate is also morally one hundred percent clean.