Soon ebn and hoh again instead of has at the car?

Soon ebn and hoh again instead of has at the car?

The world of the car driver is so simple: the price of gasoline is too high, the radar trap is mean, and the worst drivers are the ones with the HAS license plates. This clarity will soon be over, if the federal transport minister has his way. Then one drives in the district HAS-berge again with EBN and HOH on the license plate and also in the district BA with EBN …

Peter ramsauer (CSU), the lord of all german roads, passed the "first ordinance amending the vehicle registration ordinance and other road traffic regulations" on the way. The 52-page printout with the number 371/12 will be discussed in the federal council after the summer break and, according to the federal minister of transportation, should on the one hand strengthen the regional ties of the burghers and on the other hand simplify the administrative workload in the licensing authorities.

"Completely superfluous"

Whether this will succeed is not only doubted by district administrator rudolf handwerker (CSU), who considers the return to the old district license plates to be completely superfluous. "Gelinde printed." According to hacker, the abbreviation HAS has become established for the habberge district 40 years after the territorial reform. "If you now start again with EBN and HOH, you create confusion, nothing else."

One of the reasons ramsauer gives for his speech is that the territorial reforms in many regions of germany have led to the loss of familiar characteristics – and with them people's ties to their homeland. "Now the beloved letter combinations are facing a revival."
In the habberge district, the change would affect the old districts of ebern and hofheim. If the federal council agrees, a motorist in aidhausen or kurzewind could, for a fee of 28 euros, exchange his or her current HAS license plate for one that begins with the letters HOH or EBN.

So far only hasi and hare

A corresponding order form is not yet available on the homepage of the district habberge on the internet. "Nothing has been definitively decided yet, and that is why the "export regulations" are still missing, heibt es aus der zulassungsstelle in habfurt via press spokeswoman monika gohr. Until now, anyone wishing to reserve a license plate of their choice has had to refer to HAS-… But at least there is plenty of choice in the "bestsellers" from "HAS-I over "HAS-E", "HAS-S" and "HAS-T up to HAS-CH".

While people in the old counties of ebern and hofheim reacted overwhelmingly positively to the step back, ramsauer's nostalgia attack led to a dead end in rattelsdorf. On the one hand, because the market in the district of bamberg (BA-…) used to be administratively also on ebern (EBN-…) and bad staffelstein (STE-…, now LIF-…) was divided. There could be a babylonian confusion on the license plates in the future.

A bamberger?

Secondly, the author helmut vorndran lives and works in rattelsdorf. In his frankenkrimis, he likes to play the HAS-furter car drivers, which will be more difficult in the future: because the EBN-er, who stands out on the road, does not necessarily have to be a HAS-furter, he could even be a BA-mberger in the end….