survey translation servicesSurvey translation lets you take your respondents’ pulse—in a foreign language.

Good survey translation in Spanish (or French or German) helps you get the data you need.

If your survey isn’t translated well, then you put your data at risk.

After all, if the questions are poorly translated, what good are the answers?

Take your respondents’ pulse by asking the right questions—in one of 20 languages.

Survey Translation That Maintains Source Text Integrity

We’ve translated surveys for research firms and development consulting companies. A global consumer goods company that does $12 billion in annual revenue also uses our services.

We take care of the translation so you can focus on data collection. We can work with any file format that you have, but we’ll need login credentials if you want us to use your web-based platform.

Survey translation at RedLine is transparent. We use a simple process:

  1. First, one of our professional translators translates your survey.
  2. Then a second translator checks the work of the first.
  3. Last, if required, a DTP expert adjusts the layout of the translated document.

We’ll send you an itemized quote for the text that you want us to translate. We charge by the word, so you’ll know your cost upfront. What’s more, that cost won’t change.

We price our survey translations affordably and our turnaround is quick, but we don’t sacrifice quality.

We’ve translated many surveys. Tell us about yours.

If you’d like a free quote , then fill out the secure form on this page.

FAQ: Translating Surveys

How long is your survey?
We price our translation projects by the word, but we offer discounts for repeated text.

What language(s) do you need?
We charge the same no matter what language you request. After all, it’s the fairest way to price our services. (Spanish survey translation may be the most common, but translation into other languages costs the same.)

What language variant(s) do you need?
Consider your audience. For example, the Portuguese used in Portugal is different than the variant spoken in Brazil.

Will responses be written or spoken?
If it’s a written survey and the appearance is crucial, we can suggest ways to make your survey maximally readable (for example, with good table formatting). If you plan to record your respondents in a foreign language, then you’re in luck. We offer audio translation services, too.

Are there any space constraints?
Depending upon the target language, a text can expand during translation. This is because Spanish, for example, may take 120 words to say what English can convey in 100. For this reason, let us know if your user interface has online fields with character limits.

survey translation services