software translation servicesWith our software translation services, you can reach markets outside the U.S. And multilingualism correlates with sales.

But there are many vendors out there.

Why choose RedLine?

Simple. Because you want a responsive language services company that does technical translation.

We’re like tech support. Only more helpful.

Just as with user interface translation, software translation expands the usability of your application. If you picture a “usability scale” from 1 to 10 (10 being maximally usable), then English software might be a 7 to the average Dutch professional. (The Dutch are known for having excellent English proficiency.)

But the average French professional might find that software to be only a 4 on our usability scale. Why? Because the French, generally speaking, are not as comfortable reading in English as the Dutch. (Of course, there are people out there who are exceptions to this rule.)

What all this means is that when purchasing software translation services, your first question really ought to be What’s the “language profile” of our target market?

Here’s what we mean by language profile:

  • the number of native speakers in a market for a given language. (If your application is designed for general use, how big is the potential market in, say, Spanish?)
  • the “economic power” of a given language. (Even though there are fewer German speakers in the world than Hindi speakers, the per capita purchasing power of the first group is greater than that of the second.)
  • the comfort level of foreign speakers with English. (If your potential users in a given market are already very familiar with other products, media, or applications in English, then translating your software may not be a high priority.)

software translation services

software translation services

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What to Do Before You Buy Translation Services

If you haven’t done so already, conduct a “language audit” of your target market(s). Do your research and put real numbers into the audit. It’s the only way you’ll know if it makes sense to translate your software.

Of course, maybe an enterprise client of yours is willing to pay for the translation. (Congratulations! They liked your program so much that they’ll foot the bill for translating it all into Norwegian!) If this is the case, then your decision is made for you.

But if you’re looking to break into a new foreign market with your software, you have to do your homework. So what would this look like?

Breaking into a Spanish Mercado

Let’s say your startup is thinking of marketing its personal finance app in a market where Spanish is the main language. Is it worth the investment?

Well, there are 427 million Spanish speakers in the world. (That’s 100 million more than the number of people living in the U.S.!)

But remember that the economic power of Spanish speakers varies by country, region, and city. For example, residents of Madrid have a higher median income than rural Peruvians.

What other apps already exist in these markets? Who makes them? What language are they in?

Now, even if you found out that Spanish speakers as a group are very comfortable with apps in English, simply translating your software into Spanish could be a market differentiator. (Or it might be the only reason that anyone responds to your call to action, for example.)

Whether your company makes enterprise software or a mobile app for the App Store, translating your software is key.

Picking the right partner means working with translators who have technical expertise, and not just as language experts. As users, too.

That’s because the best translators of software are users of software.

If you think that our translators have their noses buried in bound volumes, then think again. RedLine’s team is made up of professionals who live and breathe software every day.

We use tech to do our jobs better. (CAT tools, for example, help translators work more efficiently).

Let our software translation services help you reach your target market. (And remember to avoid the Google Translate Widget like the plague.)