translation service in grand rapids, view of cityLooking for a translation service in Grand Rapids?

You’ve landed on the right page: RedLine is a translation agency based in Grand Rapids.

Some of our clients are right here in GR, while others are based elsewhere in Michigan or in cities across the country. And we have a few clients abroad, too.

If your company is in Grand Rapids, then go local: work with us! You can talk to us in person because we’re located in the heart of downtown.

Below are our 20 working languages:



Chinese | Japanese | Korean

Arabic | Malay | Thai

Swedish | Norwegian | Danish | Finnish

Polish | Czech | Russian | Ukrainian

translation service in grand rapids at the ledyard building

A Translation Service in Grand Rapids That Puts Quality First

If price matters, then quality matters more. In fact, our clients’ satisfaction depends on it.

Because we use the same QA process on every project, our work is accurate. In addition, our documents read well. Our motto is “clear, concise, and correct.”

  • First, one of our translators translates the text. This step may involve technical dictionaries, CAT tools, and also a client glossary.
  • Then, a second translator reviews the work of the first. This may seem like overkill, but it’s not. A second set of eyes is key, especially in a long document.

We turned to RedLine for help when nobody else seemed capable. They were able to very quickly and thoroughly understand the issues involved, work within our budget, and meet our time constraints. We were able to meet our client’s demands only because we partnered with RedLine.

—Bill Morris, CEO, Emerse

Our Work

We work with companies in a wide range of industries. Some translations are marketing or legal texts, while others are more technical. (Web copy is not as hard to translate as a set of blueprints, for example.)

But sometimes our translation services don’t even involve a document. (If you want to see what we mean, then see our page on UI translation.)

Some of the texts that we work on have to do with business and finance, while others are on IT, energy, or retail. And we also do subtitles and captions for creative firms.

We work with companies both big (for example, Amway) and small (Envoy). Local clients such as Tris4Health are also in the mix.

There are a few agencies that offer translation service in Grand Rapids… but there’s only one RedLine.