french technical translationRedLine does French technical translation well because our team is highly skilled.

We work from and into French, and we also handle Canadian and European variants.

At its most basic, a text is technical if it requires the use of specialized vocabulary. (Of course, you may know what shear strength means; your audience may not. But we do, and we can say it in French!)

Technical documents need technical translators.

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Our Work

When we categorize a project as technical, though, it usually falls into one of two categories: IT or construction and manufacturing. One day we might be working on the French version of a user interface, while the next day we’re translating a design manual.

French technical translation makes up a large portion of our translation work. Below are some of the projects we’ve done over the years:

  • text strings for user interfaces
  • IT white papers
  • blueprints
  • sales brochures for a concrete vendor
  • documents for a software company
  • slide decks for a packaging company

Every French technical translation is different, though. (The same is true for any language, in fact.)

For that reason, we ask that clients send us the files in question for a custom quote.

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If our expertise gets us a sale, then it’s our QA process that results in a great project outcome.

In fact, two translators work on every project, which gives our clients peace of mind. They get a final product that’s not just accurate but also clear.

And in the case of printer-ready files, the end product is attractive and easy to read.

If you need a translation of a contract, lease, or transcript, then visit our page on French legal translation. (In addition, you’ll find a few fun facts about French on our French translation page.)

french technical translation

Is your web app localized for the 230 million French speakers in the world?

Points to Consider

Metric or imperial?

Canada made a push for metric a few decades ago. But Canadians use a hybrid system for measurements. So it’s metric for this, imperial for that. In addition, the measurement used often depends on the industry. In Quebec, the metric system is used for commercial construction while imperial is used for residential construction.


Technical documents use a lot of abbreviations. We work with you to define all source-text abbreviations before we begin. For example, a set of blueprints might use P.T. for pressure-treated, SPF for spruce-pine-fir, and N.C. for nylon-coated.

Document format

We may need to convert or modify the files that you send us. But we accept files in almost any format, from PDFs to Illustrator files. If a file conversion is required, then we’ll tell you.

French Technical Translation in Action

One of the most memorable projects that we’ve ever done was the French translation of a set of blueprints. The plans were for a log cabin in Quebec, so our U.S. client hired a Canadian design firm.

The lead architect spoke English, but the contractor who was hired to build the log cabin spoke French.

As a result, the builder couldn’t read the blueprints.

So the client hired us to translate them into Canadian French. Problem solved.

blueprints for french technical translation

Part of a blueprint from one of RedLine’s technical translation projects. The final files were in Canadian French; the source language was English.