dutch translation servicesRedLine offer expert Dutch translation services. (Houseboat not included.)

It would be an understatement to say that the Dutch speak English well.

The Netherlands is a small country, so its national language doesn’t dominate international business like English does. The Dutch, then, learn English in part out of necessity. (The same is true for other small countries such as Denmark.)

The Dutch school system plays a role in how well people know English, because children are taught English from an early age.

In addition, English-language media permeates Dutch culture. British and American TV shows, for example, aren’t dubbed like they are in some other European countries.

So why would you need Dutch translation services?

Simple. Because given the choice, consumers prefer reading in their native language.

A report from Common Sense Advisory called “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy: 2014” found that almost two thirds of nonnative English speakers rarely or never buy from websites that are in English only.

In other words, if consumers can’t read your web copy, they probably won’t buy from you.

The takeaway is that even if the Dutch can read English well, they still prefer to read Dutch.

If you’re marketing to Dutch speakers, then you need to speak to them in their language.

About 23 million people in the world speak Dutch as a first language. The population of the Netherlands is approximately 17 million, most of whom speak Dutch natively.

Dutch is in the Germanic language family, which is why it looks similar to German.

West Michigan, where RedLine is based, is home to one of the largest concentrations of Dutch Americans in the U.S.

Dutch Translation Services by RedLine

Our team of native Dutch translators is made up of highly educated professionals. Some have backgrounds in law or IT, while others have expertise in tourism or marketing.

In addition, they work only into their native language. As a result, you get a text that reads well to Dutch speakers.

Our typical projects include business texts and legal documents, but we also translate surveys and user interfaces. In short, we’re ready to work with you.

dutch translation services

How It Works



We assign your project to the native Dutch translator best suited to work on it. (If you have a legal document, then we assign it to a Dutch legal translator—not just any Dutch translator. In short, accuracy is our top priority.)



A second translator then reviews the translation, checking accuracy, formatting, and Dutch grammar and spelling. We do this internal review so that you get a top-notch translation. In fact, we only let clients waive this service on very short texts.



We deliver to you in the format of your choice—MS Word or Excel, for example. (This is usually the same as the source text, but not always. We can do page layout on your text and then deliver a print-ready PDF.)

To learn more, see our pages on translationtext expansion, document formatting, or audio translation.