chinese legal translationWith Chinese legal translation, you can broker deals that might otherwise never occur.

Of course, clients who are going to spend a lot of money and time need to see contracts in their native language. And Chinese clients are no different.

At RedLine, Chinese is one of the top three requested languages. This reflects how big a role China plays in global trade. (Over 1 billion people call the country home.)

We’ve translated contracts and disclaimers as well as marketing texts for legal firms.

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Chinese Legal Translation: Client Profile

Oppenhuizen Law Firm, PLC specializes in business law. It counsels firms both small and large in matters such as incorporation and financing.

In addition, the firm helps foreign clients who are seeking EB-5 investment opportunities.

In October 2015, attorney James R. Oppenhuizen came to RedLine with a request to translate an English brochure for his law firm. Some of the firm’s clients are Chinese investors of means who back development and construction projects in the U.S.—hotels and resorts, for example.

Once the Mandarin text was ready, one of our designers laid out the brochure. Like any marketing piece, it needed to have the right look. We conveyed the client’s expertise using a bilingual layout, a set color scheme, and sharp but subtle images.

Since that time, we’ve translated even more text into Chinese for Jim’s firm.

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chinese legal translation

RedLine has handled many Chinese translation projects, such as this brochure for Oppenhuizen Law.

Translation in 20 Languages

Besides offering Chinese legal translation, RedLine helps clients in 20 other languages. (See our main page on Chinese translation for stats about Chinese, such as the number of speakers globally.)

Do you have a file such as a slide deck, web copy, or a report destined for Spanish, French, or Dutch speakers? If so, then look no further!

In addition to our work with foreign languages, we offer copy editing and formatting services.

Let us know what your documents need, because we can help.