blog translation servicesOur blog translation services let you reach a wider audience. A much wider audience.

Consider what would happen if you had your blog translated into Spanish. An additional 430 million people would be able to read your message. (Globally, native English speakers number only 340 million.)

Now, can we promise that all these people will read what you write? No. But when your content is professionally translated, your reach is multiplied.

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What Can Blog Translation Services Do for You?

The simple answer is that a foreign-language version of your blog puts your content in front of people who might never see it otherwise. (What marketer wouldn’t like that?)

Of course, our blog translation services aren’t the end of the story. For maximum reach, you should put the same distribution efforts into your foreign-language content that you’ve put into your English content.

This is easier said than done. You may not have someone on staff who is capable of tweeting, posting, or emailing in Spanish, for example.

You don’t have to advertise your foreign-language content if you don’t have the resources. Google will find it.

But this is where the search engines come in. In fact, just having a Spanish-language blog is enough for Google to find it. It’s just that it may be found initially by computers rather than people, and that’s okay.

Why? Because if Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawl your site and discover new content, they can index it. And once the search engines index that content, they can serve it to people who are searching for what you write about.

Great content gets shared. Great bilingual content gets shared more.

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Native Speakers by Language

  • Chinese: 900 million
  • Spanish: 430 million
  • English: 340 million
  • French: 76 million