copy editing services suit analogyCopy editing services make your report look as professional as your suit. What’s more, the lack of editing can be painfully obvious—and embarrassing.

You and your team have spent weeks on research, data analysis, and writing.

Now let us spend a few hours making the final product shine.

When you use RedLine’s copy editing services for your report or website, you’re saying to your customers that you value clarity and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions about Copy Editing Services

Regardless of the industry that you’re in, your company can benefit from professional copy editing. See our FAQ below for more information about RedLine’s copy editing services.

What types of texts do you edit?

We work mostly on B2B or B2C texts, such as reports, web copy, blog posts, marketing brochures, and slide decks. We do not edit works of fiction.

Here’s an example of a report that we edited but did not format.

What do your editors check?

We check English mechanics: spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. Our editors also look for consistency of terms, fix title and sentence case, and correct numbering of tables and figures, among other things.

In fact, our team follows a 25-point checklist to ensure high quality from one project to the next.

Will your editors rewrite my text?

No. It’s much more expensive to rewrite text than it is to simply review and correct that text. In addition, we aren’t the authority in your industry—you are. You’re responsible for the content of your text (the what), while we take care of the English in it (how it reads).

What if I don't agree with the edits?

We encourage our clients to review our work. Because some aspects of copy editing are subjective, we use Track Changes in Microsoft Word. The client can decide to keep or reject any change.

As the client, you always retain final say about whether to accept the edits that we make.

How much does editing cost?

For Microsoft Word or InDesign documents, we charge a flat per-page rate. In this way, a 100-page report costs more than a 50-page report.

In addition, your costs won’t go up once we begin work on your project. What we quote is what we bill for at the end of the project.


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How We Make Reading Easy

When it comes to reports or web copy, information needs to be clear, concise, and correct. In addition, readers want to be able to get the information that they need in the least amount of time.

So we not only fix errors in the text. We follow best practices to ensure that your text is well organized.

Multiple studies have shown that readers often spend just seconds—not minutes—on a web page. So good organization of the content on that page is key.

But even for lengthy reports, a logical structure can go a long way towards making the job of reading easy. What’s a logical structure? Well, it includes section heads with clear wording and formatting.

In addition, subheadings should be “inferior” to their parent headings. For example, the subsection Page Load Speed fits logically “under” the section User Experience, because page load speed is one part of UX. (Learn more about creating a logical structure in your text.)

Of course, the inclusion of numbered and bulleted lists make it easier for readers to scan information quickly. Ditto for italicized and bold words.

Even something as simple as text callouts (for example, see Figure 23) can dramatically improve the reading experience. And using numbers for your figures and tables (instead of the more generic See the table below) helps your readers navigate from one element to another within the text.

So, whenever we edit print or digital materials, we add (or fix) the following:

  • sections and subsections
  • numbered and bulleted lists
  • text formatting such as italics and boldface type
  • text callouts
  • figure and table numbering

How It Works

—   1   —

You send.

Send us the document(s) for which you need copy editing services. We’ll give you a flat, fixed quote based on the number of pages in your file. (If your editing request is for a very short document, then we charge a minimum project fee.)

—   2   —

We edit.

One of our experienced copy editors gets to work on your document(s), correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. We’ll also check acronyms, cross-references, and figure and table numbering, among other things.

—   3   —

You smile.

We deliver the edited document to you in MS Word or InDesign or as a PDF. You’ll get text that is clear, concise, and correct—a professional document that reads well. All you need to do then is distribute it!