Tonnies resigns – schalke burgschaft raises questions

Tonnies resigns - schalke burgschaft raises questions

Schalke’s supervisory board chairman steps down: clemens tonnies looks resolutely into the camera with a blue-and-white scarf around his neck, spectators sit in the arena in the background.

The photo that the hard-hit FC schalke 04 published on tuesday to mark the involuntary farewell of the powerful chairman of the supervisory board came from better times – and missed the reality by a mile. Tonnies’ resignation followed massive protests from his own fans and the corona scandal at his meat company. The news also came in the middle of the discussion about a supposed state guarantee for the revierclub, which is in dire straits financially.

"We have successfully led FC schalke 04 through many crises with heart and soul and a high level of personal commitment," wrote tonnies in a letter of resignation obtained by the deutsche presse-agentur, "from which we have always emerged stronger than before."To achieve this again will be a herculean task – for the schalkers, who on tuesday elected the previous deputy chairman jens buchta as the new chairman of the supervisory board, and also for tonnies himself.


Living in bamberg is becoming more and more popular

living in bamberg is becoming more and more popular

Munich is still the most expensive city in germany for rents and purchase prices, but other regions in bavaria are slowly catching up. In a recent city ranking, in which the development of existing rents between 2007 and 2012 was examined, bamberg came in 6th place with an increase of 26.5 percent. And even finished ahead of munich. In the state capital, however, prices have been at such a high level for some years that the percentage increase is no longer quite so high.

Attractive medium-sized towns in bavaria attract investors
What many bambergers have known for a long time has now been proven by studies: bamberg is attractive and sought after by investors. In the GMA ranking for medium-sized towns and cities, which determined the most interesting locations from a retail point of view, aschaffenburg took first place, but bamberg came in fourth. Rank still in the top 5. This means that two french cities are represented in top positions, which illustrates the high potential of this region and gives investors hope for good future prospects. As far as the housing market is concerned, bamberg has long been regarded as a secure location with good prospects. Here, too, the result for many residents is that rents are rising and living space is becoming increasingly scarce.

Price increases in bamberg: both buy and rent properties affected


Do not question unity despite some exchanges

Do not question unity despite some exchanges

"Since chemnitz, the questions of german unity are more topical than ever", CSU member of the state parliament jurgen baumgartner emphasized at a ceremony at franz-josef straub's memorial stone in banz monastery. "We are proud of how courageously, wisely and peacefully the people of east germany have asserted their will for freedom and unity. And have the confidence that we are now building the common house more carefully and better than ever before", he said.

But there were still enormous tasks to be accomplished. The consequences of decades of planned economy lasted much longer than expected. Problems still persisted. "Our hopes and ambitions are often more than one step ahead of things, and occasionally they go far beyond what is objectively possible", stated the delegate. A harmful self-overload threatens from the impatience with economic reconstruction. This impatience is understandable, but it must not be exaggerated to the detached questioning of our unity. It is also true that germany has to face three challenges at the same time: the reconstruction of east germany, the enormous pressure of modernization caused by new technologies and globalization, and migration.

The new constitutional mandate "equal living standards has not only been developed as a guideline, but is being worked on successfully. "We are the future", said baumgartner in reference to the high economic performance and almost full employment in lichtenfels. With the baur campus and the medical school, the district of lichtenfels is developing into a university region. With the redevelopment of the town and city centers, we have made our homeland even more livable and lovable.


No company wants the job

The current high level of capacity utilization in the construction industry is also leaving its mark on the community of segnitz. "It’s the same old story, you can’t get any more companies," mayor marlene bauer informed the council that no bids had been received for the tender for work on the mainstrabe entrance to the village.

In consultation with the office for rural development (ALE), it proposed to postpone this measure and to put it out to tender together with the rehabilitation of the local thoroughfare. "With the prices, they don’t give us any hope that it will be more favorable for us, but we reckon with better chances to get a company at all," explained bauer.

Due to the postponement, the rehabilitation of the local thoroughfare should no longer begin in the second half of this year, but as soon as possible in the spring of next year. One advantage would be that the construction site would not remain over the winter. The work on the entrance to the village was to be completed in 2020. The council unanimously agreed. For the redesign of the mainland, builder april announced that construction would start soon.


Knife attack in the middle of ravensburg – several seriously injured

Knife attack in the middle of ravensburg - several seriously injured

It is a sunny autumn day when screams suddenly ring through the center of ravensburg. People are running around in a state of total panic, looking for help – that’s how mayor daniel rapp (CDU) tells it later in the day. The situation has calmed down a bit again. In the afternoon, things looked quite different: a man flinches with a knife on marienplatz square. He seriously injures three people, one of them life-threatening.

His motive? This is still completely unclear in the evening, as the investigators emphasize. A police spokesman says that a terrorist background has been ruled out for the time being. Beyond that he does not say much. The fact that the suspected perpetrator can be arrested quickly is probably also thanks to the city’s mayor: according to his own statements, it was he who confronted the man with the knife.

"I happened to be nearby," the 46-year-old told the german press agency. Because witnesses ran to him "in a complete state of turmoil", he went to the scene of the crime, the marienplatz. "Then suddenly the perpetrator was standing right in front of me with a knife covered in blood and threatening me. I then said: he should put the knife on the floor."This is what the man did. "It was such an instinctive act."


Bad kissingen’s district administrator thomas bold: pushing forward forward-looking issues

Bad kissingen's district administrator thomas bold: pushing forward forward-looking issues

These are the last days of 2018. Many people are now looking back or venturing a look ahead to the next year. We asked celebrities from the district: how was it for you, the year 2018?? What are they looking forward to in 2019? And what they prefer to postpone until 2020? In the next part: district administrator thomas bold (CSU).

1. What was your high point in 2018?

Thomas bold: there are many outstanding projects, z. B. The construction work on the BBZ in munnerstadt, the bavarian music academy, the rhon mountain house or the decision to build the rhon nature experience center at the klaushof wildlife park with an office in the district. The most important thing in all of this is the excellent cooperation between the district council and the administration for the benefit of the citizens. That makes me proud!


Dutt and bochum celebrate premiere victory in ingolstadt

Dutt and bochum celebrate premiere victory in ingolstadt

Robin dutt and the vfl bochum have a good start in the relegation battle of the 2. Fubball-bundesliga the longed-for premiere victory celebrated.

With a 1-0 (1-0) win at FC ingolstadt on monday, the traditional club from the ruhr region recorded its first three points in the third game under its new coach and continues to hold its own against the competition in the bottom of the table.

Robert tesche (32. Minute) was before 7934 spectators the vfl-matchwinner. Ingolstadt’s stefan kutschke missed a penalty as he did last matchday (28.). The bundesliga relegated team not only has to bury its already slim promotion ambitions, but is now only four points clear of third-last place in the table.


Farmers can use fallow land more for fodder crops

According to the amt fur ernahrung, landwirtschaft und forsten (AELF) schweinfurt, the use of fallow land as ecological priority areas (ovf) and other fallow land for forage purposes in livestock farming is permitted as of today, july 1, due to the spring drought, especially in the north of bavaria. July the use of fallow land as ecological priority land (ovf) and other fallow land for forage purposes in livestock farming is permitted. This applies to agricultural land in all of franconia as well as in some other counties in bavaria. For flat outside of bavaria, prior approval of the AELF is required. The authority in schweinfurt is also responsible for the district of habberge and operates a business office in hofheim.

New in 2020, according to the office, is that farmers must informally notify the responsible AELF in advance of the earlier use, naming the affected field pieces, if the forage use of the fallow areas has already been stopped from 1. Up to 15. July. The report can also be made in ibalis via the new message function in the application.

According to the EU’s greening requirements, the flats will continue to be considered ovf, but with regard to crop diversification, they will no longer be considered as brown flats (crop code K40), but as flats with grass or grass fodder plants (crop code K36). This can lead to a loss in crop diversification for individual farms and thus to a shortage of the greening pramie if the requirements for the proportions of the crop codes are no longer met (see the yellow leaflet on the multiple application 2020). Who has problems with this or suspects difficulties, should only use the feed from 16. July, the office in schweinfurt advises; then also for areas in franconia the previous obligation to report to the AELF becomes unnecessary.


Chemical and pharmaceutical industry expects sales to decline in 2020

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry expects sales to decline in 2020

German chemical and pharmaceutical industry expects a weaker full year after significant declines in the second quarter.

In 2020, revenues were allowed to decline by six percent to 186.4 billion euros compared to the previous year, as the industry association VCI announced in frankfurt on tuesday. VCI expects production to fall by three percent. If you exclude the pharmaceutical industry, production was allowed to fall by four percent.

"Our industry suffered a historic slump in the second quarter," said VCI president christian kullmann. The shortage of orders was not the only challenge, however; there were also problems with the supply chains. Nevertheless, kullmann does not expect chemical and pharmaceutical companies to shift production from asia to germany.


Message for small and coarse

Message for small and coarse

"Tobias elsaber is not just an author, but a real multi-talent", explains christiane weib, head of the bamberg public library, to the young listeners. Around 25 elementary school students came to the parish hall of maria hilf on tuesday afternoon to hear tobias elsaber read from his book "linus lindbergh und die invasion der roboter" (linus lindbergh and the robot invasion) to be read aloud. The 45-year-old author has already been a boy band member, a freelance journalist for radio and even a software programmer, among other things.

Currently elsaber is on the road as an author, singer and songwriter. He writes novels for children and teenagers, even though he grew up without any children’s books and had to sit out the fourth grade because he had failed a german class. But in the meantime he finds writing and above all imagination "totally cool, because it offers more possibilities than reality. "Ever since i was a child, it has been my dream to live in the middle of stuttgart airport," the children sing loudly, he notes. For this reason, the main character of his book was also placed in the middle of an airport.

Literature and music

The children listen attentively to the adventurous tale of a young inventor’s son named linus lindbergh and his best friend majus 12, a fashion-loving robot. The author from stuttgart then picks up the ukulele to sing a song he wrote for his book series about linus lindbergh. "Because crazy is normal and normal is crazy", his voice resounds. "Turn the world upside down, follow the lindbergh way", the children sing along loudly.
Music is present in all his books, and he is always thrilled by the power of a song sung together, elsaber explains. The mixture of reading aloud and singing also goes down well with the children. "I think it was very nice", reports seven-year-old anna. "I heard about the books for the first time today and wanted to read on straight away at home", says eight-year-old wunderburg schoolboy mihnea.