Outdoor pool causes some frustration

Outdoor pool causes some frustration

For nine years, the chairman of the SPD parliamentary group in the bavarian state parliament, markus rinderspacher, has been involved in the "red cyclists" summer campaign on the road in the free state. The penultimate stop on the tour and the last stop in bavaria was a stop at the outdoor pool in autenhausen. A "showcase project with a crunch", as carsten hollein, SPD district chairman and city councilor in seblach, remarked. For as much as the participants of the cycling group had enjoyed refreshing themselves: due to various problems (first because of the swimming pool master’s illness, and most recently because of the quality of the water), the idyllic pool – as reported several times – has to remain closed this season. Even though "chief technician dominik fick of the forderverein the classification of the measured values as "carcinogenic criticized as excessive, because the strict limits otherwise applied to indoor baths, in which vapors – unlike in open-air facilities – could not be drawn off. "So we’re ready to go, just in case someone says we can", although martina kilian explained with a view to the facility, which is kept in top condition by the forderverein, the second chairwoman’s gaze has long been directed forward, to the transformation of the facility into a natural swimming pool. With the technology from the 1970s, better values will no longer be achieved, she admitted.

Kilian outlined the planned conversion work and explained why the "autilus" project is so important suddenly on the verge of collapse again. And this despite the fact that the seblach city council has already approved funds and planned measures have fallen victim to the red pencil. Only one bidder responded to the europe-wide general invitation to tender, and his offer was 92,000 euros higher than the calculated costs. On 13. In september, representatives of the forderverein now want to discuss with the city of seblach and the planners how things can be continued. In order to reduce the deficit, trades are to be put out to tender individually and more work than currently calculated is to be carried out by the club members themselves. The renovation of the swimming pool, which is being funded by the city and the eler, and the modernization of the kiosk and sanitary facilities, which is being supported by leader funds, cannot be separated, emphasized kilian. District administrator michael busch (SPD) offered the help of the district administration in the tendering process, while bad rodach’s mayor tobias ehrlicher (SPD) advised that the work might be postponed until spring in the hope of obtaining better prices. "We are all in the starting holes and will not give up despite all the obstacles", kilian made clear. Before the pool actually has to be closed, the association prefers to wait another year, she added. After all, the open-air swimming pool is the meeting place par excellence for the locals. "The longer it takes, the more frustrated the volunteers become", gave hollein cause for concern.

According to rinderspacher, he has visited almost 30 baths in the last few years. He called for a revision of the requirements criteria by the relevant government agencies. Unfortunately, the current only love the demand of indoor pools to.

And yet, of a total of 850 swimming pools in bavaria, almost 450 are in need of renovation. In view of the 82 bathing deaths in bavaria in 2017 alone and the DLRG’s statement that one in two children in germany cannot swim, there is an urgent need for action. "The local free bathers are important", the member of the state parliament emphasized "especially for families who can’t go on vacation"."

"This is a region with an incredible amount of potential", was the conclusion of the guest from munich after his tour through the coburg region. "A beautiful landscape and economically interesting the area between kaltenbrunn and autenhausen was also, found rinderspacher.

The bike tour also gave him "incredibly fascinating encounters" gave him. In addition, the realization that "even in small villages, the local infrastructure is very important".