No “handyparking” in kronach


Parking with a parking ticket is not always practical: the money must be suitable and you must know exactly how long you want to park. But if it takes longer in the waiting room or when shopping, the anxiety increases. In some other upper franconian cities, therefore, there is the so-called "handyparking. The parking time can be extended by SMS also from on the way.

However, this will not be implemented in kronach for the time being. This was the result of the kronach main committee on monday. City councilor jonas geissler (CSU) had applied for "handyparking for the city.

Only one supplier
Head of the main office stefan wicklein explained that the "handyparking" has been checked by the city. The administration is opposed to "handyparking from. "There are two different systems", said wicklein. In one variant, one had to register as a user. "But this is not well accepted." That is why it is recommended to have a payment without registration, which does not require any personal data.
So far, however, there is only one manufacturer offering this parking system. It is used, for example, in coburg, erlangen, furth and sonneberg.But the "handyparking goods for the city of kronach associated with high costs. It would cost about 9000 euros annually. "You will not get new customers", said wicklein. But it is a sign of citizen friendliness.

The city administration also held talks with the police. Parking surveillance is also needed for "handyparking" special reading devices or internet-enabled cell phones. In addition, the cost of parking increases considerably. The police prasidium of upper franconia announced that the police would not take over the monitoring if handyparking was to be introduced. "The city would then have to do the monitoring itself", stefan wicklein said. This in turn incurs costs.

"You don't have to agree to everything that is technically possible", said karl H. Fick (SPD). Bernd liebhardt (CSU) thinks "handyparking" is a good idea in kronach also not sensible. In bayreuth, the model is very well accepted, but it is always "a question of how the population is made up". The main committee unanimously decided against the introduction of "handyparking" not to be pursued. Mayor wolfgang beiergroblein () added: "i am open to examining it again and again."

Lorries banned from passing through kronach city center
In the lower old town, there are increasing complaints that trucks frequently drive through the city center during the day and at night. "This always causes problems", says wolfgang beiergroblein (). Considerable larvae contamination and damage to the pavement were the result. A drive through ban was discussed. "The ban is a sensible idea to relieve the residents", said bernd liebhardt (CSU) and thilo moosmann (SPD) agreed. The main committee unanimously decided to introduce a full-day ban on the passage of trucks over 3.5 tons and buses in the area of the lower old town (spitalkirche, johann-nikolaus-zitter-strabe, marienplatz and schwedenstrabe). Residents and regular traffic were still allowed to pass the city center. Appropriate signage will be installed at the respective access roads (rodacher strabe, kulmbacher strabe, friesener strabe, andreas-limmer-strabe). Additionally, the change is also forwarded to the central registration office for navigation systems.

Mangstrabe will not become a "one-way street"
Cars parked at the edge of the road. The curves and the width make the mangstrabe in kronach narrow. At the castle meeting on 14. November 2012 peter hartlein asked whether mangstrabe and johann-knoch-gasse should not be designated as "play streets and one-way streets" could be expelled.
The main committee rejected this yesterday. Dieter krapp from the public order office explained that last year the speed was measured above the junction manggasse. The test showed that 85 percent of the vehicles in the mangstrabe went slower than 29.3 km / h. Maximum speed reached 37 km/h.

From the point of view of the police, there is therefore no need for a traffic-calmed area ("spielstrabe"), according to dieter krapp.

Since there is a lot of parking in the mangstrabe, this had an advantage. "The parking lots can also calm the street", said mayor wolfgang beiergroblein ().

Already a "needle ear
From dieter krapp's point of view, a one-way street in mangstrabe would also not make sense. "Traffic would then have to cross the spitalbrucke / spitalstrabe – this would not be feasible." Wolfgang beiergroblein pointed out that the spitalstrabe is already a pinhole. The access road via spitalstrabe is not suitable.

However, if there are problems in mangstrabe, which the committee did not take into account, another test is not excluded.

Election workers wanted
Next year there will be municipal elections. The city of kronach points out that helpers are urgently needed for this purpose. Interested parties can contact the election office.