Mozart can also be cool!

Mozart can also be cool!

Sometimes days start terribly: you are sitting tired in the school bus and next to you a classmate is playing terrible music loudly. On days like this, you want to go home to bed right away! The situation is quite different, as was reported a few weeks ago by the HDE. Then one got perhaps even good mood – because favorite music makes spab.

Favorite music depends on parents and friends
but what is actually favorite music? And where does it come from? These are the questions that 60 young students explored on friday with professor stefan hormann and his colleague roland kocina. The two are music padagogues. That is, they research all things related to music. And they explore how good music teaching works.

Together with the children's university students, they have found out quite exciting things about favorite music: for example, that it depends on what songs parents and friends like to listen to. If your parents like to listen to classical music, beethoven or mozart, you probably like beethoven and mozart as well.

Classical music is unpopular
But most parents don't like to listen to classical music. This was shown when the children were allowed to vote on various pieces of music: only 13 out of 60 children liked "little night music of mozart. "She's the one" 19 children like to listen to "nossa" by robbie williams by michel telo 23. And "oye como va" carlos santana even 45 children think it's a good idea!

The type of music you listen to also depends on your age. You probably like a lot of different kinds of music. But when you get older, things will change: most young people prefer to listen to pop and rock – they don't think anything else is cool.

For hip-hoppers, music determines clothing and circle of friends
But there are also young people who don't listen to rock or pop music. They want to be different from the others – and use music to do it! You have probably seen young people wearing very wide pants and often a baseball cap on their head. They become "hip hoppers because they all like "hip hop" music horen. Music is so important to them that it even determines their clothing style and circle of friends!

But even more important than your taste in music during puberty is the music you hoard when you're 23 or 24. Stefan hormann and his colleagues have found out: this is the music you will probably like best all your life! That's why in some discotheques there are so called u-30 parties. At these parties comes the music that many over-30s listened to when they were in their early 20s.

Children replayed a piece by santana
At the end of the lecture, the young students were also allowed to make their own music – and sometimes that wasn't easy at all! Sarah is supposed to play tok tok tok on a cowbell while annika drums on bongos ti-ki ti-ki ta-ki. You can get confused – even if many other children are tapping the same melody on their thighs. But in the end, professor roland kocina was quite satisfied: "you did a very good job", he praised the musicians. And sarah is also enthusiastic: "it was great that we were allowed to do something ourselves for once!"