Lewandowski dispute: salihamidzic rebukes “clueless” hamann

Lewandowski dispute: salihamidzic rebukes 'clueless' hamann

"I don’t think robert lewandowski is a problem for bayern munchen, but didi hamann is a problem for sky," said sports director hasan salihamidzic after munich’s 3:1 win over FC schalke 04 in the bundesliga, referring to the former bayern professional and current sky expert. "The people at sky should think about didi hamann," salihamidzic recommended to the TV station.

Hamann replied via the broadcaster’s app: "if you want to discuss this in a serious and serious way, you can and should do so. But what I don’t understand is when it goes into the personal area – I didn’t understand that. This is something where I have to maintain professionalism and respectability as FC bayern."

Salihamidzic had spoken both at the sky microphone and later in the mixed zone of a "campaign" that hamann (45) was leading against the munich attacker. "I have to single out robert lewandowski in our good team because he is simply a leader. He runs in front, he is our top scorer, he is one of the best stormers in the world. When someone criticizes him like didi hamann, you just can’t let it stand," salihamidzic (42) said.

The station commented on the dispute over hamann: "his judgment is generally held in very high esteem, as he also represents controversial theses that are not always shared by everyone." Bayern sports director salihamidzic pointed out that record international lothar matthaus had praised lewandowski "in coarse tones" in his role as a sky expert. Matthaus "really knows a thing or two about soccer," salihamidzic noted: "you can’t say things like that about a player like that, that’s why it’s clueless," salihamidzic reproached hamann."