Kulmbacher schenkendorf is world champion in bodybuilding

Kulmbacher schenkendorf is world champion in bodybuilding

The german national team won several medals at the bodybuilding world championships of the world fitness federation (WFF) in the cyprian capital nikosia. 20-year-old leon schenkendorf from kulmbach won the world championship title in the junior class and was spontaneously invited to compete in the professional category. At his debut there he reached the fifth place.

Germany’s johann singer came second, the title was won by sudkorean ken kim. In the women’s aerobics class, the german celina bar became vice world champion, her training partner eva-maria bub took 3rd place. A total of 220 participants from 27 countries took part.

"In my family, everyone is actually sporty", says the world champion from kulmbach schenkendorf. He himself, however, only started competing late in life. At the age of 15 he decided to join a gym. "I’ve been training hard from the beginning, but competing wasn’t on my mind at the time", he says. That changed when he visited the fitness, wellness and health trade show (fibo) in colonia, he says. "I was immediately fascinated by bodybuilding and decided to participate in a WFF competition." He won second place at the first attempt.

"The slovakian in front of me finished second in the european championships. So why shouldn’t I just take part in the world championship??", he thought to himself. To compete there, he had to work on his "posing", his presentation, work. But in the reigning german champion johann singer he found the perfect training partner for the task.

"Please not the 156 now!"

Then the time had come. "On the day of the competition i was actually quite relaxed. It was only when the top 6 were read out and my start number 156 was there that I became restless", tells schenkendorf. Together with his competitors he waited behind the stage for the placings. "While the places six to three went on stage one after the other, my tension became more and more coarse." Then the kulmbacher stood behind the curtain with only one sudafrican.
"Please now the 156", he thought to himself "and that is exactly what happened. An incredible moment", he describes. After being awarded the world champion title, he had to stay alone on the stage to answer a question: "do you accept the WFF pro-card??", the competition director asked him. "I thought about it for a second and then said ‘yes’. Now I have the opportunity to compete with the best in the world", the man from kulmbach is looking forward to his professional career.