Hellmitzheimer are asked to pay

Hellmitzheimer are asked to pay

2013 will be a very expensive year for some of the citizens of the iphof district of hellmitzheim, because after the acceptance of the last tree removal in the context of the city construction requirement, the city will send out the contribution notices in the next few weeks. This was stated by mayor josef mend to the 60 or so people present at the town hall meeting.

For smaller properties, the amounts to be paid will be between 4,000 and 6,000 euros; for larger properties, the contributions will be two to three times as high, explained mend. He pointed out that the people of burgenland have known for many years what they were facing financially.

Other important topics at the town hall meeting were the life project, the kindergarten, the old school building, which is now empty, the burgerbus and the painting of the burgerhaus.

Mend gave a comprehensive presentation of the mabnahmen and calculations regarding the redevelopment of the town center before. The construction period for the various measures – town square design, sports field road and monchsondheim road – lasted from 2002 to 2011, whereby the monchsondheim road was only accepted at a late stage. This is why it is only now that the corresponding road expansion contributions can be demanded from the residents.

The total cost of renovating the town center is around 1.3 million euros; the grants have a volume of 504,100 euros. In contrast to the village renewal, however, these payments cannot be used to relieve the burden on the townspeople, mend emphasized. On the affected 56 properties with an area of 55 368 square meters must therefore be allocated 7.35 euros per square meter. Per plot this results in an amount of 7265 euros.

According to the mayor, one installment will be collected this year, the second installment will be collected next year. "When families have financial problems, you have to look for solutions in the city", stressed the head of the city council.