“Future opportunities in bamberg very high”

Bamberg receives top marks again. According to the latest future atlas published by the prognos institute, the world heritage city is rated as a "municipality with very high prospects for the future" with a very good rank of 32 among all 402 districts and independent cities in germany. "Bamberg is an attractive city with excellent prospects for the future", according to a press release from the town hall, mayor andreas stark (SPD) commented on the result.
The prognos institute compiles this nationwide ranking every four years. The future prospects are determined on the basis of 29 macro- and socio-economic indicators from the areas of demographics, labor market, competition and innovation, prosperity and social situation. These indicators also provide information about the strength and dynamism of a location over time.
The city of bamberg achieves a particularly good ranking for the economy and labor market indicator. "It is remarkable, but also not surprising, that bamberg is ranked 24th in the country. Bamberg is not only the job locomotive in upper franconia, but also in germany as a whole, with its more than 50,000 employees subject to social insurance contributions, whose number has grown by more than 20 percent in the last ten years", so strong more. Bamberg also has a commuter balance of over 25,000 employees subject to social security contributions. This means that significantly more workers come to the world heritage city than commute from here to their jobs.

County among up-and-comers

The good results in all four areas surveyed put bamberg in 36th place with a very high strength rank and in 50th place with a very high dynamism rank compared with all other municipalities.
The district of bamberg is only ranked 92nd, but it is one of the top ten in the whole of germany. Since the last ranking, the county has moved up 126 places. Previously, according to the ranking, the district had only a balanced ratio of opportunities and risks for the future; now it has slight opportunities at least.
Coburg is the only upper franconian municipality to be ranked ahead of bamberg, in 23rd place. This is mainly due to the fact that the city of bamberg is not only a job center, but also an attractive place to live innovation scores better than bamberg.
Overall, the district and the city of munich are once again ranked first and second in the prognos ranking. The municipalities with the best future prospects are mostly from the south of germany, even if some eastern german cities have caught up since the last surveys. According to the study, however, the outlook is rather bleak for many rural regions in eastern germany.
New this year, all 402 counties and cities now have an additional digital compass. This consists of three further indicators that show how well the regions are doing on the subject of digitalization. The indicators are based on the number of IT start-ups per 10,000 employees, the share of digital impulses in all employees, and job postings in the area of digitization. The city of bamberg also achieves "good chances" in this digitization compass for the future. "The best conditions for the digital ground center, then", according to oberburg mayor andreas stark.