Do not question unity despite some exchanges

Do not question unity despite some exchanges

"Since chemnitz, the questions of german unity are more topical than ever", CSU member of the state parliament jurgen baumgartner emphasized at a ceremony at franz-josef straub's memorial stone in banz monastery. "We are proud of how courageously, wisely and peacefully the people of east germany have asserted their will for freedom and unity. And have the confidence that we are now building the common house more carefully and better than ever before", he said.

But there were still enormous tasks to be accomplished. The consequences of decades of planned economy lasted much longer than expected. Problems still persisted. "Our hopes and ambitions are often more than one step ahead of things, and occasionally they go far beyond what is objectively possible", stated the delegate. A harmful self-overload threatens from the impatience with economic reconstruction. This impatience is understandable, but it must not be exaggerated to the detached questioning of our unity. It is also true that germany has to face three challenges at the same time: the reconstruction of east germany, the enormous pressure of modernization caused by new technologies and globalization, and migration.

The new constitutional mandate "equal living standards has not only been developed as a guideline, but is being worked on successfully. "We are the future", said baumgartner in reference to the high economic performance and almost full employment in lichtenfels. With the baur campus and the medical school, the district of lichtenfels is developing into a university region. With the redevelopment of the town and city centers, we have made our homeland even more livable and lovable.

Baumgartner gave serious thought to the issue of flight and migration. Nowhere else do the camps of opinion oppose each other in such a hostile manner. "As long as the issue remains a moral battlefield between two poles, we will not do justice to the real task, namely to reconcile the reality of the world and the possibilities of our country", he was convinced.

Defending what has been achieved

CSU district chairman and county councilor christian meibner pointed out that democracy is not always easy. "The wind is coming from the front, he said, referring not only to the squalls that swept across the plateau. In the current political situation, it is not always easy to make decisions that are not always accepted. "Forces that question and even want to overturn our democratic order must be fought.", he demanded. The task now is to defend what has been achieved.