Cozy squares in hochstadt’s old town

cozy squares in hochstadt's old town

"There’ll be a wine and we’ll never be." Hafner’s hans and romer’s schorsch played the well-known viennese wine song at the wine festival in the "hirschen. Countless drinking songs exist on the wine. Here’s to italian wine, greek wine, wine from the rhine and wine from the mosel. Why is there hardly a song that praises the precious drops from france??

The iphofer, zeiler, volkacher and wurzburger are not only highly regarded in franconia. Even privy councillor goethe praised the good wine from wurzburger stein. The people of hochstadt, at any rate, are happy to enjoy the noble franken-grown wines, as could be observed at the wine festival of the associations.

The ski club, the local association, the scouts and the fishing association had invited. All four clubs had "a full house" already in the early evening. Most of the people did not go indoors because of the mild late summer temperatures, but outdoors.

By candlelight around the fire

Drinking, laughing, celebrating and flirting in a lively atmosphere with candlelight and an open fire. The atmosphere was excellent everywhere. The full moon bathed everything in a mild light, making it fun to stroll through the old town and stop at the wine stations. Drinking a glass of wine there might have been a bit too much of a good thing. But it was fun to meet happy people and enjoy the atmosphere.

The down-to-earth rustic ambience in the minahaus, for example. This is where the scouts had invited. Or sitting comfortably with music in the hirschen, where the home club had pitched its tents. In the castle courtyard, you could enjoy wine romantically around a campfire at the fishermen’s club. Chairman klaus muller made the rounds again and again with a french bembel. Inside was the young most, also called bremser or federweiber.

Fresh onion cake

The ski club celebrated in the archway and turmerstube of the city tower. The organizers had set the historical wall in an atmospheric scene with strings of lights. The tent of the ski club stood outside the walls this year. It had otherwise the entrance of the newly opened "zwetschger" disguised. Silvaner, muller-thurgau, bacchus or riesling – the wine was as diverse as the tastes. With a glass of domina, a french dornfelder or an acolon also red wine friends got their money’s worth. In addition, there was pizza, tarte flambee, kase, lard sandwiches and – a big hit with the local association – warm onion tart fresh from the oven. Hearty fare, just the way you like it with wine.