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Our translation articles are mostly for industry practitioners. These are the freelance translators who work with agencies and/or direct clients. In other words, you.

Unlike professionals in many other industries, translators often work in relative isolation. They sit in front of their computers, researching terminology or making decisions about lexical equivalents.

So how can a lone translator stay on top of industry issues? Read our articles on translation, of course!

It’s one way for you to feel connected to other professionals but who might not be in your time zone.

Rates, Scammers, and Walking Dictionaries

Below you’ll find translation articles on a range of issues. Are you seeing that rates are falling? (We are.) Do you think that machine translation will replace you? (We don’t.)

How do you pitch your services to a translation agency? If you write a cover letter, then follow these tips.

Read about the scourge of translation scammers, or see why human translators aren’t just dictionaries with legs.

Some of our articles are for clients, like this one about how the Google Translate widget hurts a company’s website.

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