Headwinds for orban’s emergency law

headwinds for orban's emergency law

The special powers granted to hungarian prime minister viktor orban in the corona crisis met with strong international criticism.

European minister of state michael roth (SPD) brought financial sanctions into play. "It cannot be explained to our people that states finance a large part of their public investments with EU money and then violate the principles of the EU," he said in an interview with "welt". Financial sanctions against hungary should be reviewed.

On monday, the right-wing nationalist orban had himself granted extensive special powers by the parliament in budapest. They could allow him to rule by decree indefinitely. Elections and referendums were not allowed to take place during the state of emergency. The spreading of false news is to be severely punished, so that journalists fear for critical reporting.


Forchheim district court: garden dispute with baseball bat

forchheim district court: garden dispute with baseball bat

On tuesday, a 20-year-old man stood trial for attempted grievous bodily harm at forchheim district court. Prosecutor’s office accuses him of attacking two 16-year-old youths with a baseball bat in a screaming garden.

According to the indictment, however, they were able to avoid the blow and remained uninjured. Shortly thereafter, the accused is also alleged to have kicked another teenager in the back with his knee. After this act, he is said to have turned back to the previous injured parties in order to attack them again with the baseball bat. This attempt also failed. The act is said to have happened in april 2016 around 10 pm.

Chased through the garden

The damaged youths reported that during a party on an allotment plot they were repeatedly loudly insulted from the neighboring garden. The ensuing discussion at the parcel boundary is said to have been interrupted: according to one of the injured, the then 18-year-old had been hit with "a baseball bat pierced with nails or wrapped in barbed wire" rushed towards them and jumped over the fence. When they fled, he allegedly ran after them, but only hit a wooden post at the exit with his baseball bat. The other accused confirmed this accusation. Both explained in court that the defendant was so drunk at the time of the crime that he could "hardly stand" could. However, both witnesses, independently of each other, could only remember a caused back injury after the hearing protocol had been read out.


Neighing attraction

neighing attraction

Not quite everyday offspring were recently born in hochheim. The "baby elli is a pet and resembles a stuffed animal. It is a foal of the breed "mini-shetlands". Proud owner is susanne harter.

She had bought the 12-year-old mare named tinta in saxony-anhalt in march. Tinta was in foal and was supposed to give birth to a foal at the end of june. But tinta loves the birth four weeks longer than planned. The usual 340 days of gestation turned into a good year.
Nevertheless, the birth went without complications and without veterinary assistance. Mother and child are well and currently the attraction in town. Even the local kindergarten has already paid them a visit.
Surely also because of the unusual mabe the mare and the foal are an eye-catcher. Mother tinta has a stockmab of 83 centimeters. The 50 centimeter foal elli looks a bit lost next to it. The little one already has its own stubborn head and curiously explores its environment. Now and then it gets a bit dirty. Then elli drops into the grass, stretches out all four legs and sleeps uninhibitedly, even for a round in broad daylight.
Owner susanne harter is delighted that the wait for her offspring has finally come to an end and that mother and child are doing well. 


“Complete idiot” di luca tested positive – giro weather chaos

Actually danilo di luca was not wanted in his team, only the sponsor pushed for a commitment – now the professional cyclist of the racing team vini fantini has been convicted of doping again.

As the organizers of the giro d’italia announced, the 2007 round winner tested positive for the blood doping drug EPO. As a result, the world governing body UCI suspended the 37-year-old from the giro, which ends on sunday and after the youngest weather capers including the cancellation of the 19. And defusing the 20. Stage is virtually decided.

"This is a gross stupidity, we are severely disappointed," francesco pelosi, spokesman for di lucas team vini fantini told the news agency dpa at the team hotel di maro. Inspectors had di luca surprise on 29. April visited and tested at his home. If the test is confirmed in the B-sample, the italian professional cyclist will have to face a lifetime ban.


Erna schardt celebrated her 95th birthday. Birthday

Erna schardt celebrated her 95th birthday. Birthday

Erna schardt, who celebrated her 95th birthday last saturday, was active in burgkunstadt well into old age. Celebrating her 50th birthday in the company of her family members.

In 1944, erna schardt had to leave her silesian home in sagan and came to the obermain, where she first found accommodation in strossendorf. Here she married georg schardt and moved in with him in his home in burgkunstadt. While her husband worked in the shoe industry, most recently as a manager in the obermain shoe factory, she took care of a small sideline farm and a coal business.

Today, it is hard to imagine that the fuel was still delivered by train and that it sometimes happened that a whole wagon had to be unloaded with a coal shovel at the railroad station in burgkunstadt. Three sons also grew up in the schardt family environment.


Nsa scandal sweeps internet industry together

nsa scandal sweeps internet industry together

Also on board are facebook, apple, yahoo, AOL and the online networks twitter and linkedin. Companies are struggling to regain the trust of users, which has been shattered by the uncovered snooping by the us intelligence services.

The action shows how upset companies have become about spying on their systems and against their users. So far, the U.S. Government, military and intelligence agencies have been on the side of the U.S. High-tech industry when in doubt. The state is one of the midwives of silicon valley.

Rust companies like lockheed martin brought production and engineers to california. During the cold war, the arms race was a key driver for investment in electronics research. The nucleus of the internet was also created in the 1960s with massive state support.


Furth slips to the bottom of the table

Furth slips to the bottom of the table

After the 0:1 (0:1) against vfb stuttgart on saturday, the french bundesliga-newcomers in the german fubball-oberhaus are still without a home win and remain the worry child par excellence. The swabians, on the other hand, improved thanks to a fortunate success towards the european cup places.

In unpleasant cold and high humidity an average performance was enough for the vfb. Shinji okazaki (45. The visitors were beaten to three points in front of 17,443 freezing spectators by a committed furth team that once again failed to capitalize on its many scoring opportunities and slipped back to the bottom of the table. For coach bruno labbadia’s eleven, it was a welcome sense of achievement just before the european league match against molde FK – on thursday, the team will compete on a continental level for a place in the knockout phase.O.-round. In the league, serdar tasci will join vfb after his red card (53.) missing for the time being.

Vedad ibisevic was the main focus of the first half: the vfb striker fell twice in the 16-yard area and claimed a penalty kick. In the first scene, the bosnian deftly spun around defender thomas kleine, sank to the ground – but referee thorsten kinhofer loved to play on. It went better for ibisevic just before the break, when he fell after a duel with mergim mavraj – and the referee agreed with him this time. The 28-year-old striker took the kick himself, but failed to beat wolfgang hesl in the further goal, who was on duty for the first time, but the onrushing okazaki headed home the rebound.


Two trees in book

Two trees in book

"The kerwa has come and the kerwa is here" and "the landlady is round, I hope the landlord stays healthy for a long time", the little local boys and girls sang as they paraded through the village with their tree. The tree was pulled by mayor heinrich sub, who had cut down the two kerwas trees that existed this year in his forest and donated them to the kerwas boys.

With the energetic help of moms, dads and grandpas, the tree of the little local boys was brought upright after a break. The pause was not foreseen, but was strongly demanded by the junior staff. Finally, it was time to go into the forest before lunch. "I’m hungry and I’m going to order something to eat", moritz said and marched into the kitchen of the sub inn. His mama anja arnold and cake chef lieb set up two trays of bratwurst sandwiches, and only after an extensive break did they start setting them up.

A little later, the local boys and girls from buch arrived with the rough tree – and they had to really get to grips with it to get it upright. But with a lot of pressure and a strengthening in between, the tree stood straight as a die after just under an hour and announced the kerwa at the entrance to the town in front of the sub inn.


Coburg doesn’t want to have to change trains: the town loses its ice stop?

Coburg doesn't want to have to change trains: the town loses its ice stop?

The resolution is clear and symbolic: "the city of coburg rejects the previously known plans for the target timetable 2030, the so-called deutschland-takt for the railroads. It disapproves of the fact that an ICE stop in coburg is no longer included. The city demands a strong commitment from all elected representatives in the parliaments to preserve the ICE connection for coburg in the long term. The administration is instructed to take all possible measures necessary to secure coburg’s permanent ICE connection."

It remains to be seen what kind of reductions these could be. The resolution was passed unanimously on thursday after mayor norbert tessmer (SPD) and IHK president and city council member friedrich herdan (CSU) pointed out that they had sent a very clear letter to transport minister andreas scheuer that day. The reason for this is the latest draft for a "target timetable for germany", which no longer provides for an ICE connection via coburg, but only an "ICE-light at 160 kilometers per hour between nurnberg and erfurt. This train would run hourly to nurnberg and every two hours to erfurt. In these two hub stations, travelers from coburg had to change trains in any case.

However, the mayor and the president of the chamber of industry and commerce demand a two-hour ICE stop for coburg. "If bamberg and erlangen are connected every half hour, it is reasonable to expect that coburg will get a stop every two hours", said friedrich herdan at the city council meeting. After all, coburg station has a catchment area of 1.4 million people. Depriving such a region of long-distance traffic would be a violation of the requirement in the bavarian constitution to ensure equal living conditions in all parts of the state. A two-hour stop in coburg is feasible, as tessmer and herdan explain in their letter: the ICE on the munich-berlin line with stops in erlangen, bamberg and lutherstadt wittenberg, among other places, has a standing time of eight minutes in erfurt. If this standing time is shortened every two hours and the stop in erlangen is cancelled, then a stop in coburg is possible. In erlangen, so many connections to bamberg were offered that the journey time for passengers from there was only 15 minutes longer.


Schneider’s difficult search for a coach: who will take on schalke??

Schneider's difficult search for a coach: who will take on Schalke??

Jochen schneider is not to be envied. The head of sports at FC schalke 04, which is in a difficult position both athletically and financially, has an almost impossible task to accomplish.

Otherwise, it was soon to become uncomfortable for the 50-year-old himself: to find a suitable and affordable coach who would not capitulate again in the end to this club, the difficult environment and the squad. Ralf rangnick has already become the first well-known coach to turn down the job, although his reappointment after 2004 and 2011 was hardly conceivable anyway. "At the moment, i can’t imagine coming to schalke 04 for a third time, and certainly not as a coach who is supposed to end the negative streak in the short term," rangnick told the funke media group.

By then it was clear how difficult schneider’s task would be to find a successor for david wagner, who was dismissed on sunday. On monday afternoon the supervisory board of the club met – rotusmabig. A quick decision was not to be expected. The first unit of the week on tuesday in preparation for saturday’s game against RB leipzig will be led by athletics coaches werner leuthard and quirin loppert, according to dpa information.