Category: Language and Culture

Language and culture go together like peanut butter and jelly. But unlike PB&J, language and culture are all around us. You can find both in every society in the worlds—even among people who lack the power of speech. (In fact, the deaf community has a language and culture all its own.)

From Christmas to Cinema

Our posts about language and culture range from serious to humorous. For example, we debunk the myth that the term Xmas is anti-Christian given that X actually stands for “Christ” in Greek. For something lighter, check out how to swear in French.

Language is a major part of culture, so a person’s language is part of her identity. See how speakers of a Native American language are trying to save their culture.

If you’re a movie buff, then you know how important film is to contemporary culture. Star Wars, for example, is a global phenomenon that can only work in different cultures if the films are subtitled or dubbed over. But in the latest film in the Bourne franchise, foreign languages take a back seat to English.

Finally, see how regional languages shape the culture of France. (That’s right—French is not the only language that the French speak!)