Do not set off fireworks near coburg’s historic buildings

do not set off fireworks near coburg's historic buildings

Fool’s freedom. The city of coburg’s public order department points this out in a recent press release.
Commercial new year’s eve rockets, firecrackers and bangers ("category 2") are only allowed on 31. December and on 1. January be burned. What many people do not know: only adults are allowed to launch these fireworks corpses.
Fireworks are prohibited in the immediate vicinity of churches, hospitals, children’s homes, old people’s homes and half-timbered houses. It is also important to keep a safe distance from livestock farms, gas stations, barns, stables and all easily flammable substances.
The sky lanterns, which carry their fire risk uncontrolled into the distance, remain generally forbidden on new year’s eve and new year’s day.
The public order office emphatically warns against possible fire hazards caused by fireworks for the many historic coburg buildings such as coburg fortress, ehrenburg castle, the state theater, the natural history museum, the town hall and the town hall on the market square as well as the arsenal in herrngasse. "In their vicinity, all fireworks are to be stopped as a matter of principle!" Says kai holland, head of the city’s public order department.
The police also strongly advise against using fireworks that do not have a permit in germany. In many cases, these untested fireworks have a much higher explosive force that poses a significant risk of injury.

Health risks

However, the health risks for the fireworkers should not be underestimated, even with approved fireworks. Especially under the influence of alcohol the risk of accidents increases again. The range of possible injuries goes from ear damage to burned or torn fingers to severe eye injuries.
Who violates a burn ban, risks a fine under the explosives act, which in extreme cases can be up to 50 000 euros, reads the concluding note of the press release.


Sochi’s gigantic games – a visit to “ground zero

Sochi's gigantic games - a visit to

The graveyard may stay. A little hidden behind blue tarpaulins, stone slabs with artistic portraits of the deceased defy the swirling dust. On the huge construction site where the sochi olympic park is being built, the graves between the stadium and the figure skating palace are the last relic of days long past. The former residents of the area were forcibly relocated, their houses demolished. For the gigantic project of winter games of opposites on the black sea and in the north caucasian mountains, the makers are only being held back by the peace of the dead at the most.

If you want to find out what the olympics in russian will look like in two years, start your journey in lukewarm to the coast. Here, the eaves of five ice rinks are already rising into the winter sky, cranes as rough as towers are pulling up the olympic stadium. Trees, grassy areas, a bird sanctuary are to follow. For the sporting image campaign of an entire country, the former summer health resort has set everything back to square one. "Ground zero" is what mayor anatoli pachomov calls the state of sochi at the beginning of the work – the "zero hour".

Such an atmosphere of the end of the world arises during the night drive to the second center, the mountain town of krasnaya polyana. A fast track is to take olympic tourists to the competitions on snow in just under half an hour. The rollers still rotate here, shrouded in a ghostly fog, and workers hover on the tracks in the glare of the spotlights – a total of 50,000 are toiling away on the olympia construction site.


Kulmbacher schenkendorf is world champion in bodybuilding

Kulmbacher schenkendorf is world champion in bodybuilding

The german national team won several medals at the bodybuilding world championships of the world fitness federation (WFF) in the cyprian capital nikosia. 20-year-old leon schenkendorf from kulmbach won the world championship title in the junior class and was spontaneously invited to compete in the professional category. At his debut there he reached the fifth place.

Germany’s johann singer came second, the title was won by sudkorean ken kim. In the women’s aerobics class, the german celina bar became vice world champion, her training partner eva-maria bub took 3rd place. A total of 220 participants from 27 countries took part.

"In my family, everyone is actually sporty", says the world champion from kulmbach schenkendorf. He himself, however, only started competing late in life. At the age of 15 he decided to join a gym. "I’ve been training hard from the beginning, but competing wasn’t on my mind at the time", he says. That changed when he visited the fitness, wellness and health trade show (fibo) in colonia, he says. "I was immediately fascinated by bodybuilding and decided to participate in a WFF competition." He won second place at the first attempt.


Dangerous air” again in beijing

Dangerous air

Although the peking environmental authorities also spoke of "severe air pollution," only the third-highest yellow alert level was declared in the 20-million-metropolis on wednesday.

Once again, 30 percent of official service vehicles were not allowed to drive in the capital. The smog in beijing and other cities, which the authorities used to play down as "fog," played a prominent role in the national evening news broadcast by state television. The ministry of industry promised new measures in the fight against air pollution, such as the elimination of unstable production facilities.

Airborne levels of the particularly dangerous fine dust, which can pass directly into the blood via the lungs, were ten times the limit recommended by the world health organization (WHO) in beijing. Visibility dropped to less than 300 meters in hazy weather wednesday in some parts of town. Many people in peking have been wearing respirators for weeks anyway.


Worries about niki lauda after sudden lung transplantation

Worries about niki lauda after sudden lung transplantation

Formula 1 legend niki lauda has unexpectedly had to undergo a lung transplant in vienna. The general hospital in vienna reported on the operation, without giving any information about the health condition of the 69-year-old.

The hospital published the announcement in consultation with the family, said spokeswoman karin fehringer to the deutsche presse-agentur. "We ask for your understanding that the family will not make any public statements and request that the privacy of the lauda family be respected," the statement read. Lauda had a serious lung disease. The company laudamotion would not comment further, as a spokeswoman said.

According to media reports, the three-time formula 1 world champion had already been in hospital for a week. The austrian is said to have interrupted his vacation because of the illness and returned to vienna. The head of the supervisory board of the mercedes team led by british world champion lewis hamilton was also absent from the formula 1 races at hockenheim (july 22). July) and hungary (29. July). "I wish niki lauda and his family much strength in the time to come! You’re a stand-up guy!!!" Tweeted germany’s tennis legend boris becker.


Four decades in the service of a colorful steinwiesen

Four decades in the service of a colorful Steinwiesen

Flower decorations, well-kept green "spots in the whole village, easter fountains and christmas decorations – without the horticultural association it would look quite dreary in some streets of steinwiesen. But there they are, the ruhrigen members of the horticultural association steinwiesen with ingeborg wich-reif in the lead.
And this has been the case for 40 years: back then, on 14 june, the. April 1977, founded by seven people. Volker naser took over the post of first chairman and remained at the helm of the association for 34 years. Ludwig deuerling became treasurer and is still treasurer today.
Already in 1981 the horticultural association had grown to 23 members. In the years that followed, there were highs and lows. Volker naser took over more supra-local tasks, which resulted in fewer activities in steinwiesen. But one started again and again, there were many who were interested in the association and its activities.
In 1998, 34 members were paid, and work continued steadily. In 2002, the 25th anniversary of the association was celebrated and the members proudly celebrated having taken over the sponsorship of public grounds and having contributed to the rethinking of plant protection with presentations and lectures.

The association continues to grow

Hedi hohn went into the chronicle in her incomparable way and in the most marvelous dialect. Especially on the fact that in 2011 with ingeborg wich-reif a woman had taken over the chairmanship. Volker naser could not continue at the helm for health reasons and resigned his office. "And so neiles-ludwig is working as treasurer and ingeburch as the new chairman of the board of directors, stressed the hedi and said immediately in addition that "it would be a shame if the 35 members were to become marra wan deudn". And it has been successful, there are already two new admissions.

Founding members still active

On this anniversary, district chairman fritz pohl was able to present two awards for 40-year memberships – founding members volker naser and ludwig deuerling. Volker naser was chairman for 34 years and received a certificate and the "pin of honor on ribbon" for his work and many years of membership.
Ludwig deuerling has been treasurer of the horticultural association for 40 years. He received a certificate and the "gold badge of honor" from the district chairman. As a surprise, this time there was no flower bouquet, but a beautifully bound fruit bouquet for the honorees.
In his greeting, district chairman fritz pohl emphasized that the horticultural societies are "all green" in the village. In steinwiesen, too, a lot is done here on a voluntary basis. A municipality would not be able to pay for these tasks if they had to be carried out by the local building yard. He also briefly mentioned the new district advisor, beate singhartinger. With her, the horticultural associations and communities again have advice at their disposal. Pohl wished the jubilee association continued enjoyment.