Do not set off fireworks near coburg’s historic buildings

do not set off fireworks near coburg's historic buildings

Fool’s freedom. The city of coburg’s public order department points this out in a recent press release.
Commercial new year’s eve rockets, firecrackers and bangers ("category 2") are only allowed on 31. December and on 1. January be burned. What many people do not know: only adults are allowed to launch these fireworks corpses.
Fireworks are prohibited in the immediate vicinity of churches, hospitals, children’s homes, old people’s homes and half-timbered houses. It is also important to keep a safe distance from livestock farms, gas stations, barns, stables and all easily flammable substances.
The sky lanterns, which carry their fire risk uncontrolled into the distance, remain generally forbidden on new year’s eve and new year’s day.
The public order office emphatically warns against possible fire hazards caused by fireworks for the many historic coburg buildings such as coburg fortress, ehrenburg castle, the state theater, the natural history museum, the town hall and the town hall on the market square as well as the arsenal in herrngasse. "In their vicinity, all fireworks are to be stopped as a matter of principle!" Says kai holland, head of the city’s public order department.
The police also strongly advise against using fireworks that do not have a permit in germany. In many cases, these untested fireworks have a much higher explosive force that poses a significant risk of injury.

Health risks

However, the health risks for the fireworkers should not be underestimated, even with approved fireworks. Especially under the influence of alcohol the risk of accidents increases again. The range of possible injuries goes from ear damage to burned or torn fingers to severe eye injuries.
Who violates a burn ban, risks a fine under the explosives act, which in extreme cases can be up to 50 000 euros, reads the concluding note of the press release.


In obertrubach, everything stays above the belt

In obertrubach, everything stays above the belt

Vacations on the farm is the comedy in three acts, which the theater group of the parish "st is performing. Laurentius" performing in these days. What son wendelin (martin reichel) and his mother liesl (katharina brutting) expect as a lucrative new source of income, however, makes the farmer from kalblhof (matthias gruner) quite skeptical. Driving in his role as old servant and miner christian habermann. Like no other, he bridges the gap between the rustic countryman and the "city dwellers" to the point. He makes expressions that only a "truwier" can make knows.
The servant can not do much with the wishes of the north german guests. And when he was talking about the "educated hoard, man descended from apes, then they were apes. Chewing gum manufacturer otthold (manuel brutting), his wife vera (theresia dresel) and journalist paham jost (stefan hafner) have a hard time with the customs on the farm. You can see the "religious marchenland" and many other customs and usages do not understand.

The spectators keep coming
In between stands the maid kathl (petra zitzmann), who is not averse to compliments, but can also defend herself resolutely. That in the end everyone somehow finds each other and everything comes together is to be expected in a fun play.
The obertrubach theater series takes place for the 27th time. Times interrupted once a year instead of. And to the 27. For the first time, it is pastor werner wolf who directs the event. He has also brought the obertrubach theater into being himself. Wolf also chooses the pieces.
It is his concern to get away from the frivolous and the fashionable-contemporary, which often all too compulsively aims below the belt. Wolf seeks the hearty, perhaps also innocent spab. As the unchanged high audience response proves, his idea of a gentle theater evening is well received by the people of obertrubach and the surrounding area. "It's my first time here", said pastor michael gehret from pinzberg "and i'm glad that it's not ordinary here, but simply funny". "I got a ticket by chance", said gisela bauer.
"I think the theater is good, the servants just great", praised the mayoress of hiltpoltstein. Anna heid from wohlmannsgesees, on the other hand, has already played "at least fifteen times" been there when the actors from obertrubach take the stage. "It is already, funny and sociable, so it must be", she says. Christian habermann, too, can perhaps no longer imagine life without the theater. He has been with the obertrubach group since the very first day. And also this year the role of the servant is formally cut to his body.

Double load
Pastor wolf is also happy about young talents like katrin schmitt, who ventures onto the stage for the first time. "You must have a tribe, but I know I will find many open-minded people here", wolf is pleased. Without the often invisible helpers, however, even all the showmanship would be nothing. The prompter lisa neuner, the make-up artist hedwig karl, the technicians mirco and pascal reichel and also the stage designers erwin dressel and fritz-walter reichel contribute a lot to the success of the production. And that's not all the helpers yet.
Respect also deserves how well pastor wolf copes with the double burden of work. Because the holidays are especially busy for priests. This year, a pastoral hard case has become very close to his heart. Then it was a matter of taking the hurdle and being funny again. Perhaps one must say "should", because the changeover is not always easy for him either, admits wolf.


Even stars have guardian angels

even stars have guardian angels

Stars are also no longer what they used to be. Maybe he just wasn’t paying attention for a moment or maybe he dozed off. Just before christmas, the rough star in the sky could not hold on any longer and fell down to earth. And yet, as always, he had wanted to shine over bethlehem when christ was born. Rough star, what now? Good advice is expensive, plotzlich rhymes with "bethlehem also a "problem. But the remedy is coming, and on wings. Apparently stars also have their guardian angels. They take the star and carry it on wings to its rightful place in the sky, so that it can shine again at the right time. Just in time. But you can rely on the guardian angels.

Of course, this is a harmless story – because you should not rely only on your guardian angels. But in 2007, peter schindler, pianist, organist, composer and music producer, turned it into a small musical play for children’s choirs, which in just a quarter of an hour offers the possibility of spreading a pre-christmas atmosphere without stables and oxen and donkeys, i.E. Beyond the usual nativity plays. The six songs are set in such a way that they do not overtax the children vocally and can be sung in one or more voices. The melodies are easy to remember – and one of them is already familiar: "vom himmel hoch da komm ich her" sing the angels as they transport the star to its place. You could actually rephrase the song: "up in the sky, I’ve got to go up there". At the end, everything is back in its place and in order. And this is also shown by the music: "finally the star is back, nothing is missing for christmas happiness" is a little good mood waltz.

"Rough star, what now?" Opened the afternoon concert in the spa theater, which brigitte and burkhard ascherl under the motto "advent and contemplative for large and small" to which they had brought three of their choirs: the children’s choir and the youth choir as well as the julifa choir. The kantorei is currently well occupied with the preparation for bach’s christmas oratorio on 16 december. December. And, of course, the children were first: one group played the dancing angels who save the star, the other sang in the background the songs that comment on the event. Brigitte ascherl had succeeded in getting the two groups to concentrate, because first performances in front of an audience – and then on a real theater stage – actually have an enormous distraction potential.


Quiet launch of the iphone 5 in china

Quiet launch of the iphone 5 in china

Apart from the complicated sales process, chinese media and internet users also cited the comparatively high price and unconvincing improvements in design and function as reasons why enthusiasm is low. However, mobile operator china unicom reported that some 300,000 preorders had been placed.

In the difficult chinese smartphone market, apple slipped from fourth to sixth place in the third quarter and is looking to catch up again with the iphone 5. The official launch in china, apple’s second-largest market, came barely three months after the iphone 5’s U.S. Launch. In the rough apple store in the popular peking sanlitun village, however, only a few customers inspected the new iphone in the morning. After the chaos at the sales launch of the iphone 4S, grids had been set up. A dozen police officers, numerous security guards and store clerks were prepared for a stampede, but it didn’t happen.

In order to curb the black market, only two iphones could be ordered per person on the internet since the previous day. "We have no other choice," said one seller. "There was too much chaos at the launch of the iphone 4."Referring to the pushers who sell the iphone 5 with extra charge in front of the door, the apple employee said: "they are the reason. Otherwise we would just sell it over the counter."Another vendor explained the low number of visitors also by the snow cover that had covered peking during the night.


Eight years of construction work: this is how the rail expansion is changing the city of bamberg

Eight years of construction work: this is how the rail expansion is changing the city of bamberg

Eight years of dredging, drilling and concreting along the railroad in bamberg when the railroad begins its new route through bamberg. Six subways, two road bridges have to be rebuilt, many buildings demolished.

What the centennial project means for bamberg, what risks it entails and, despite all the traffic jams and roadblocks, what opportunities it offers, is what we want to shed light on in a new series. The city council already has to decide what the buildings in bamberg should look like.

We are starting with the railroad underpass memmeldorfer strabe – bamberg’s roughest pinhole. 18,000 motor vehicles pass through these narrow pipes every day, including 391 trucks and 72 buses.


Thinking is forbidden in ski races

Thinking is forbidden in ski races

Barely 15 years old, jacob schramm already has six, seven years as a ski racer under his belt. Eppenreuther is considered to be a rough skier. He has not yet decided on a special discipline, but as an U16 skier he is only allowed to compete in slalom and giant slalom anyway. For the youngsters super G and downhill are taboo.

At the races in the german school cup he has to compete with alpine kids or students of the skigymnasium berchtesgaden, who can do twice or three times as much snow training. Jacob is the only flatlander in the german top of his age group – he is currently in 12th place, but has also been second before – and is glad that he can train in the fichtelgebirge despite the current bad snow conditions. At the hempelsberg in oberwarmensteinach, the lift operator has created a base for the ski talent with artificial snow so that at least technical training is possible.

The schoolboy from grafengehaig has 20 races left on his schedule this year. And he has thought about what goes on in the head of a skier during a competition.


Hellmitzheimer are asked to pay

Hellmitzheimer are asked to pay

2013 will be a very expensive year for some of the citizens of the iphof district of hellmitzheim, because after the acceptance of the last tree removal in the context of the city construction requirement, the city will send out the contribution notices in the next few weeks. This was stated by mayor josef mend to the 60 or so people present at the town hall meeting.

For smaller properties, the amounts to be paid will be between 4,000 and 6,000 euros; for larger properties, the contributions will be two to three times as high, explained mend. He pointed out that the people of burgenland have known for many years what they were facing financially.

Other important topics at the town hall meeting were the life project, the kindergarten, the old school building, which is now empty, the burgerbus and the painting of the burgerhaus.


Summer hits instead of school lessons

summer hits instead of school lessons

The summer concert of the dr.-ernst-schmitt-realschule ebern not only almost blew up the auditorium of the middle school because of the number of listeners – the performances also caught the attention of the audience
"summer hits" and inspired the 500 or so listeners. A musical journey through four continents and eight countries comprised the repertoire of the various choruses of the secondary school, which filled the auditorium with vocals, instrumental music with drum rolls, and dance.

Realschulkonrektor florian schraud had not promised too much when, after the song "ring of fire", he said that the band would be the first to perform, intoned by the school orchestra under the direction of bernd schmidt, announced to experience an international musical evening. "Enjoy the summer concert of our secondary school in a relaxed atmosphere", he said.

An international journey

Sabine heinrich, who led through the program with school teacher lucia ziegmann, pointed out that the musical journey through spain, england, france, sweden, germany, italy, and canada had. There will also be singing in german, english, french and italian. Among other things, the first part was the french song "andalouse" led by heidi hauguth to horen, whose lyrics were about dancing to guitar voices and a young lady whose black hair and red lips were fascinating.


14-Year-old mergim alin became “reading king” at the kronach district competition

14-year-old mergim alin became 'reading king' at the kronach district competition

The level was extremely high. The english "r was rolled that it was a real joy, and even the darned "ti-aitsch" all the readers read fluently from their lips, or rather through their teeth. We’re talking about the exciting district english reading competition, which the eighth-grade winners of middle schools in the district faced on tuesday. The competition was held for the tenth time this year.
At the district competition in kronach, it was not only a question of correct pronunciation and intonation, but also of a flowing presentation. Whether the participants had pronounced and emphasized everything correctly was decided by a jury – consisting of teachers from the respective schools as well as deputy district administrator bernd steger. Although reading in front of an audience is no easy task, the bookworms showed little sign of excitement. In the first round, the five eighth graders and the one eighth grader read a text of their own choice. The eventual winner mergim alin chose "touring the everglades". The real challenge came in round two, when they had to read aloud a text selected by the organizer andrea karl-kremer – a specialist advisor at the gottfried-neukam middle school – in a lively, expressive and, if possible, error-free manner. This was the beginning of the english-reading "bat action time!" – an enchanting story about ben the bat and his best friends toby the pigeon and izzy the owl, who set off on a rude adventure. Only a few minutes were given to them to read the book. Nevertheless, all participants did their job very well. Congratulations!
To the "reading king mergim alin was deservedly chosen. It is no coincidence that the 14-year-old was able to communicate the text very clearly and confidently; after all, he is a native speaker (native speakers).

Off to the district competition!

The eighth-grader grew up in london and came to weibenbrunn with his albanian parents only a year and a half ago. English is then also the favorite subject of the lese-konig, who is now on 3. The contest was held for the tenth time this year, and the winners will represent the district at the county level in may in bayreuth. All participants (gottfried-neukam-MS kronach: leonard muller (m8a) and abdallateef al haj saleh (8c), MS pressig: gloria gotz (8a), MS kups: benjamin fischer (8b) and mergim alin (8a), MS windheim: dimitrios antonin) were rewarded with book gifts and a certificate that will surely look good on a job application. The district winner was also presented with a gift from the district, which was handed over by steger. "With english you can get around the world", he urged them to learn the world language comprehensively. He as well as karl-kramer and the new head of the school authority in kronach, gisela rohde, were very pleased with the excellent performance of the team. "This is my first official act in my new function and also for me an exciting thing", rohde, who has only been a visitor to the castle since the 15th century, said he had never seen anything like it. Marz is active at the kronach school board.


The way to school of klaus kuhrau

the way to school of klaus kuhrau

The burggegfluster "lighthearted times" by romy denk (BR from 2. August) inspired the former pastor of mangersreuth, klaus kuhrau. He has written under the title "our way to school" the following is an article we are pleased to publish:

"Now, at the age of 77, I would love to walk once again in peace and quiet, just for myself, along our former school path, which I walked at the age of seven! That was in eppendorf in saxony from the last property in the freiberger strabe, the schneider-bayern, about two kilometers to the center of town. We had moved here from east prussia in 1944.

For more than ten years, from the first to the tenth grade, I walked along this path, which also varied through alleys and country lanes. Our road was neither asphalted nor paved, but full of potholes and dirt – peppered with cow patties and horse apples.