Farmers can use fallow land more for fodder crops

According to the amt fur ernahrung, landwirtschaft und forsten (AELF) schweinfurt, the use of fallow land as ecological priority areas (ovf) and other fallow land for forage purposes in livestock farming is permitted as of today, july 1, due to the spring drought, especially in the north of bavaria. July the use of fallow land as ecological priority land (ovf) and other fallow land for forage purposes in livestock farming is permitted. This applies to agricultural land in all of franconia as well as in some other counties in bavaria. For flat outside of bavaria, prior approval of the AELF is required. The authority in schweinfurt is also responsible for the district of habberge and operates a business office in hofheim.

New in 2020, according to the office, is that farmers must informally notify the responsible AELF in advance of the earlier use, naming the affected field pieces, if the forage use of the fallow areas has already been stopped from 1. Up to 15. July. The report can also be made in ibalis via the new message function in the application.

According to the EU’s greening requirements, the flats will continue to be considered ovf, but with regard to crop diversification, they will no longer be considered as brown flats (crop code K40), but as flats with grass or grass fodder plants (crop code K36). This can lead to a loss in crop diversification for individual farms and thus to a shortage of the greening pramie if the requirements for the proportions of the crop codes are no longer met (see the yellow leaflet on the multiple application 2020). Who has problems with this or suspects difficulties, should only use the feed from 16. July, the office in schweinfurt advises; then also for areas in franconia the previous obligation to report to the AELF becomes unnecessary.

If the flat is included in the KULAP or VNP approvals, the corresponding requirements of the approvals must be complied with. If in doubt, farmers should check with their claims officer at the authorities

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