False alarm in the lange strabe caused obstructions

False alarm in the lange strabe caused obstructions

Suspicion of fire in the citymarkt in der langen strabe: at least that was the first message received by the integrated control center in bamberg. That was at 8.30 o’clock on thursday morning. The bamberg fire department responded with up to ten vehicles and 45 men. As a precaution, the police closed off lange strabe and blocked it with emergency vehicles. There were some obstructions for the traffic.

However, it quickly turned out, according to city fire chief matthias moyano, that the alleged fire was probably a small defect in the refrigeration system. Due to this alarm was sounded in a room of the market. Thus: false alarm.

The fact that a large fire brigade was immediately on the scene can be explained by the nature of the alarm, says moyano. The fire department generally jerks at missions with the message "fire in the department store" with reinforced forces, this was the second highest level of response for the fire department. The danger of a fire spreading rapidly in a department store of several hundred square meters and of toxic vapors being formed by burning plastic has been immense. "We planned well", says moyano. 45 firefighters sounded like a lot, but if there really had been a fire, all of them had been needed, according to the city fire chief.

Against 9.15 o’clock the fire department was able to leave again. The police lifted the closure for traffic again.

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