translation and editing services, documents on tableOur translation and editing services are bridges between your content and your clients.

And your clients deserve content that’s clear, concise, and correct.

Web copy, reports, white papers, and brochures—in 20 different languages.

(But here’s a little secret: we don’t use pencils all that much.)

What Our Clients Say

RedLine was a pleasure to work with! They were knowledgeable, responsive, and detail-oriented, always taking the time to explain detailed report design options and their pros and cons in relation to our audience.

—Leslie Greene, Impact Evaluation Senior Program Manager, Social Impact

FAQ: Translation and Editing Services

Can you give me an industry overview?

Translation and editing services fit into a larger category called language services. Language services make up a $38 billion industry (source: Common Sense Advisory). Translation and interpreting are both part of the industry; so are editing and DTP.

At RedLine, we focus almost entirely on the written word. In fact, translation and copy editing form the core of our business. We also offer document formatting and video captioning. In short, if it has to do with language, we can help.

What can language services do for me?

Translation and editing services improve or enable understanding. Do you want to break into a new market? Then visit our translation page. If you need a second set of professional eyes, then choose our editing services. If you want a text that looks good and that’s easier to read, then document formatting may be right for you.

A RedLine translation is one that is accurate and reads naturally. When we edit, we make your text clear, concise, and correct. As as result, you get a great document.

FAQ: RedLine

What makes RedLine unique?

There are other vendors out there, so why should you pick us? Because 1) we use only skilled industry professionals, 2) our owner is a translator and editor himself, and 3) we match the best resource with your project.

  • Our translators, editors, and designers are pros. As a result, you get clear, correct language. (Choose our formatting services and your docs will look good, too!)
  • RedLine’s owner is a translator and editorMatthew Kushinka is a language industry veteran who sets high standards for his team.
  • RedLine uses the right person for each project. Some of our translators specialize in marketing texts while others work with legal docs. We use the right person for your project so that it has the best outcome.

Why should I choose RedLine?

The language services industry is full of intangibles, which is why we say “services” and not “widgets.” So what do you get when you work with us?

  • Understanding: The text in your documents has to read well, because if it doesn’t, your message gets lost.
  • Trust: However you slice it, your documents say a lot about your company and brand. A text that reads well signals professionalism, so we make sure that you look good.
  • Rapport: Sure, you could hire a bigger vendor. But would you get personal service? RedLine is small but responsive. We value our team and our clients.

Russian typewriter, translation and editing services

Since 2011 RedLine has been translating, copy editing, and formatting documents for businesses large and small.

Reports, contracts, web copy, slide decks, brochures—we’ve done them all. And we’ve also done subtitles and captions.

We speak your clients’ language so that you can reach your target market.

Focus on your business—and leave your documents to us.